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The Sad Saga of Simon

Don’t you love alliteration?

Simon has been through some trauma lately, and as a result he’s confined to a cervical collar, or head-cone for a week. It’s very sad, but the comedic potential is endless.

Tonight I took Simon for a walk for the first time since the advent of the cone. Normally he gets really excited and grabs the leash in his mouth and pulls me towards the door. This time he was forced to jump up in the air in order to grab the leash through the cone, but missed repeatedly. On the walk, he ran into trees and bushes with his cone when he’d try to sniff them before marking. Around the house he usually follows at my feet, occasionally nudging me with his nose. Now I know he’s there when I’m gouged repeatedly in the calf by the sharp plastic edge. It’s kind of like having a little plastic robot dog, like in the original Battlestar Galactica. Simon usually curls up in the corner right outside our bedroom after we go to bed. Last night he kept slamming into the wall and whimpering.

Light a candle for my brave little dog, and maybe I’ll post more pictures