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Brave Sir Robin

Loki and I take a two mile walk several nights a week. When I first got him this was a bit too much exposure to the scary outside world and he’d get pretty freaky by the end. But as he’s settled in, it’s gotten better. Still, Loki manages to exhibit fear of people, toddlers that are a block away, runners, walkers, big dogs, little dogs, anything with wheels, phantom cats, air, and feet. Also, it should be noticed that he shows no interest in squirrels, toads, bugs, or birds. But what, you may ask (as well you should) is he not scared of? What was he, nay, fascinated by and supremely interested in? The GIANT FREAKING TARANTULA that walked across our path this evening. Yep. His new best friend. He kept pulling on the leash, trying to get back to it as I bravely skittered past. Yapping tiny poodle? Way too scary. Huge hairy spider? Let’s be best friends!

To round out his inappropriate circle of friends, I think I’ll introduce him to a skunk as well. And maybe a hyena.