The nursery is as close to finished as it’s going to get for the next few weeks. We’re still waiting on the awesome glider the grandmas got us, a floor lamp, and some stuff for the dress/changing table. Oh yeah, and a baby. But I think it’s ready for the early debut. The Design Guru […]

I’m a guest star!

My friend Nelson has this awesome food blog called Show Me Your Taco. I introduced him to the exotic tacos at Polvo’s and I got to help with the review and even do a little of the filming! It was fun, and tasty.


First, flowers! It’s so great to see all this color. Work has been really fun lately. It seems like spring has really amped up my creative process. I spoke at a conference in Austin a few weeks ago called RISE, it was really fun. It was especially great to be around a bunch of entrepreneurs. […]

Bokeh Eye-Candy

I’ve become obsessed with a photography style called “bokeh”. It’s macro photography, generally, which utilizes a large apeture (shallow depth of field) which results in your subject being very sharply in focus, and the background as blurry as possible. The smoother, the better. The people who are really good at it frame their shots so […]

Food Porn

David and I went to Hudson’s on the Bend for dinner tonight. Highlights: Amuse-Bouche: coconut fried shrimp in a lime-coconut shooter Appetizer: smoked duck breast, jicama, jalapeno, figs wrapped in bacon with red chili glaze dipping sauce Entree: american bison stuffed with spicy venison sausage on a 3 bean ragout with chipotle bbq sauce O. […]

100 Things

I keep seeing these “100 Things” lists on people’s blogs. I could pretend that I don’t like to talk about myself and am too modest to try to come up with one, but that would just be silly. So here goes: My first name is Heather. I tested out of high school when I was […]

The silly side of self-knowledge

Ever seen a tag cloud? It’s a cluster of keywords that’s visually grouped so that the most used words are larger and darker, and the least are smaller and lighter. Interesting way to get a visual snapshot of what people are interested in on a given site. You can create a tag cloud of your […]

Grammar-Related Health Issues

I know that I do not always spell perfectly. I know that I really don’t have a high horse on which to stand. But I can’t help it, crazy bad use of punctuation, really crappy grammar, and lame spelling makes me nuts. I used to be especially fixated on misuse of punctuation marks. It’s rampant […]

Pork Fat Rules!

I heart bacon. I really do. And yet, I also attempt to eat healthy on a semi-regular basis. Until recently, I never thought it would be possible to indulge my love of pork products with conscientious eating habits. But then I discovered the beauty that is Cooking Light’s online recipe search. They have tons of […]

Heroic Harry

David and I read the last Harry Potter book on Saturday. I’m a HUGE Harry Potter fan. I’ve always loved fantasy and sci fi, and the HP books are up there for me with Lord of the Rings, the Oz books, and more recently the His Dark Materials trilogy by Phillip Pullman. There’s been lots […]