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Two Years Ago


Two years ago in Hawaii

Hard to imagine that it’s already been two years since we eloped in Hawaii. And what I wouldn’t give to be in Hawaii right now. But the oncoming train of parenthood is making us a bit more circumspect in our spending habits, so we’re having a staycation. While the last two years have brought a lot of change in our lives, I’m so very glad we decided to get hitched.


Things I am thankful for today:

  1. David and his lovely family
  2. Great friends
  3. Loki (in spite of the fact that he spent most of the day hiding under the bed)
  4. Cooking my first turkey and having it come out YUMMY.
  5. Iron and Wine
  6. Helpful motherly Thanksgiving cooking advice from Nancy and Anna-Marie
  7. A really excellent couple of weeks

This morning's little misadventure

I was walking Loki this morning on a 2 mile loop I do, most of which is in the McMansion area which borders on the Greenbelt (a wildlife nature preserve area that loops around Austin). We were a bit more than halfway done, when I leaned back to stretch my lower back a bit, and Loki pulled the leash out of my hand. It’s one of those retractable leashes, so the handle is heavy, and the sound startled him and he ran a bit. I called him back, and as he ran towards me, he realized he was being chased by a scary hissing thing (the leash handle) and TOOK OFF. He was back up at the other end of a very long street and out of sight in about thirty seconds, me screaming his name (the old one) the whole time.

I walked/ran back up the street, calling, searching, stopping people, nothing. I had to get all the way home which took a while, I called his foster mom who came out to help me search, and David who came home from work. We all agreed that he’d most likely headed into the greenbelt to hide, and were afraid he’d gotten tangled in something. I was totally freaked out, afraid he was gone for good, that he was hurt, that he’d starve…

This area is HUGE. The houses are huge, the yards are huge, and most of them back up on this big greenbelt area. There are TONS of places a very small quiet dog could hide (he’s barely made a peep since we got him). We combed the streets and the greenbelt for three hours, calling and putting up posters the whole time (I’d also like to point out that it’s brutally hot and humid).

By 1pm my feet were blistering and I was dehydrated, so I headed home to change shoes and drink some water before heading out again (I’d already been by the house several times in my search in case he found his way back), and guess who was on my porch? He’s only been with us for two days, had never been walked in that area, and he found his way home. He promptly came up to me, laid down on his belly, and peed himself.

Needless to say, we are very happy he is home. I don’t think he took city streets, judging by the amount of mud on the leash handle, but however he got here I’m glad he’s back. I think he’s going to keep us.

In no way related to business, leadership, or ethics


This is Loki (nee Berkley). He’s a rescue dog that I’m “testing” for the next couple days. I actually stalked him online for a few weeks about a month ago, when I was still too heartbroken to adopt, but was looking at the rescue sites. By the time I got the nerve to ask about him, he was gone. But lo and behold, he re-appeared this week, and I put an application on him.

It’s been a strange thing. I’m still mourning Simon, a lot. Having a new pup around reminds me of how close we were. But I think I will sad be for a long time, new dog or no. There’s no replacement for him, and it will take a long time to build a bond with a dog like I had with Simon after 10 years. He was one of a kind.

But this little dude is a total character, in a very different way. He’s very timid, was probably not socialized much at all. He’s pretty jumpy, but loves affection and is great on a leash. After just the afternoon he’s chilled out quite a bit. David and I are enjoying him so far. He has mastered the fine art of pathetic cuteness, thus earning the nickname, His Royal Patheticness. So far he’s also Bat Ears, and The Half-Blood Prince.

At first I thought about calling him Yogi, because when I was doing yoga I got into bridge pose, and he inserted himself under my lower back, like a yoga prop.

Noise wise, he hasn’t made a peep so far. I’ll be posting regular updates for all the crazy dog people (you know who you are).

I’m not settled on the name yet, so if you have suggestions feel free to let me know.