Yeah, I have another one. It’s called Ms. Michelann (notice that little play on words thingy?) and I’m writing about some combination of my PhD studies and Feminism and some other stuff. It’s more political and scholary, but it’s where most of my thoughts and feelings are ending up these days. Check it: Ms. Michelann […]

New Content! For Realz!

Hey, guess what (all three people who still have this blog in their feed)? I’m going to be blogging again! I’m still doing the food blog thing, which I love, but I have a brain full of thoughts so I I’m going to be back here writing about various stuff on occasion. Spirituality, kids and […]

100 Things

I keep seeing these “100 Things” lists on people’s blogs. I could pretend that I don’t like to talk about myself and am too modest to try to come up with one, but that would just be silly. So here goes: My first name is Heather. I tested out of high school when I was […]