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Latest Addictions

Just because I haven’t posted about my addictions in a while doesn’t mean I don’t have any:

  • My Aeropress
    Sent from Heaven (or Hell, if you ask David) this little puppy makes the awesomest lattes, chais, and anything else you want to concentrate to super-strength. While my Starbucks intake has dropped precipitously, my caffeine intake has increased more than I care to admit.
  • This coffee.
  • My niece
    There is possibly nothing cuter. And that includes puppies and kittens. Although this one is providing some stiff competition.
  • Bellydancing (again)
    Yes, the full-on addiction with all the shiny, sparkly accoutrements has returned. My abs thank me. And now I like photographing it too.

Holidays 2008

Quimby Christmas 20082008 was an eventful year. It was my first year of marriage. There were births and deaths. I started a company. We elected a president I actually like. It hasn’t been the year of hell for me that it was for many people, but it certainly was intense. Overall, I’m a lot more comfortable in my skin than I was a year ago, and I attribute that mostly to the necessity of letting go of control that comes with starting a business, and to my marriage, which has been a tremendous blessing.

This year we flew to Los Angeles on Christmas Day, and drove to Santa Barbara. I love not having to take multiple flights. We had celebrated my birthday with friends the previous Saturday, and Christmas with the Quimby clan on Sunday:

Quimby Christmas 2008
Quimby Christmas 2008

On Christmas day we flew to California and spent a few days in Santa Barbara with family and friends. Meeting my new niece Saraphina was especially fun:

Auntie Michelan gets baby time


Kris and Saraphina

Isn’t she a doll? Speaking of dolls, check out Miss Maxine, now approaching the ripe old age of two:

Maxine and Roxanna

It was foodie bliss at my parents’ house, as per usual:

Beef Wellington with Celery Root Mashers and Port Reduction
beef wellington and celery root mashers with port reduction
Hoshigaki White Chocolate Truffles
white chocolate truffles
Tortilla soup with fried shrimp
tortilla soup
Cajeta Ice cream with Mexican Cookies

And we found some time to get out and do some nature photography:


Shaun and I (mostly Shaun) cooked a dinner for our parents’ 40th anniversary:

Nancy and Dave

Then it was off to LA for a couple days of sightseeing and catching up with friends. We had lunch at a dumpling house in Arcadia with Rheia and Dave:

Rheia and Dave

And dinner in Hollywood with Elender and Bergen, who treated us to the Amazing Cat Show:

The Amazing Cat Show

The next day we did some sightseeing, ate at a fabulous restaurant in Glendale called Carousel, and it was back home again.

We’re happy to be home, and happy to be spending time with our Austin friends and family again. Happy 2009!