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Belize Wrap-up

So we’re back from Belize, after the harrowing couple of days described in the last post. Much relaxation was had, I even had my first hot rock massage. When I told David this, he envisioned people hitting me with hot, jagged rocks. Actually, I didn’t know what to expect, but it turns out they use the (very smooth) warm rocks as massage tools during your massage. It’s very, very nice.

This guy is future Ceviche, he just doesn’t know it yet. Ceviche is the national dish of Belize, I think. Every restaurant had it, and it was usually the cheapest thing on the menu. Every place’s ceviche was different, but they were all really good. I’m pretty much spoiled on fresh fish now.

This is the front of our modest hotel, Corona Del Mar. It was adequate, though in the tropics you rarely get the amenities of a Motel 6 at the more pricey places. I was in shock in our $50 Amerisuites room in Dallas. Shampoo! Kleenex! Wireless Router! Couch! These would have been luxuries indeed in our small room. We were hoping to do yoga while we were there, but there was too little floor space for one, let alone both of us. Still, the staff was very nice, and there were no hidden charges, so they get a thumbs up. Word to the wise however, don’t get the dive package from them, they book with the worst dive operation on the island. Use Ecological Diving. We found out too late.

Here’s the view from the Hotel’s private wharf. I spent a lot of time on it in a hammock. One of the nice things about San Pedro, most of the tours/dive boats/water taxis will pick you up from the dock of your hotel (eventually). The view was very lovely, and there was usually a nice breeze.

Here is me in not anything resembling my natural habitat. Notice the look of panic and the awkwardly splayed fins. We took an all day sailing and snorkeling trip on Thursday. I am fairly useless in the water, but David was kind enough to tow me along when I couldn’t keep up, or swim in the right direction, or see because my mask kept filling up. Still, I saw a lot of really cool fish and a couple of rays, and that was pretty fun. We swam (and I use the term loosely – I floundered, David towed) through an alley between two coral reefs, and it was teeming with life, and I don’t just mean the 200 snorkelers.All in all, I’m glad I semi-conquered my fear enough to do some snorkeling, it was very cool.

I’m running out of witty commentary, so it’s mostly going to be pictures from here on out. Here’s a ray David photographed.

David got to spend some time in an octopus’ garden on his night dive.

Huge school of fish, photographed by David. David took all the underwater pictures, as I was too busy clinging to my floaty thing for dear life and swallowing sea water.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for my next piece, an expose on a growing international problem, bad punctuation and how you can help stop it before it’s too late.