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Tragedy Strikes

This morning my computer succumbed to the mac version of the Blue Screen of Death. Hard drive go boom. Very lame. The apple geniuses snots couldn’t recover my data, and they wouldn’t let me keep my hosed drive for data recovery if they were going to replace it. So I got a brand spanking new iMac, and it is a lickable piece of hardware, I tell you what. 20-inch super hi-res screen. Very nice. I still have to decide if it’s worth paying to recover my hard drive before I have the apple folks replace it. I’m currently trying to get all my thesis data, school stuff, random pictures, and music back. Luckily I backed up a lot of stuff, but not all of it. But, when all is said and done, I’ll have a working laptop and a sexy desktop, so it’s cool.

In other news, Loki is still afraid of wind and toddlers, but not of deer. Big-ass deer. He wants to chase them. So we now have a list of two things he is not scared of. Deer and tarantulas.