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Latest Addictions

chili-Spiced Dried Mango
Utterly addictive. Dried mangos coated in cayenne and salt. Oh. My. God. I got mine at Trader Joe’s when we were in California last weekend. This weekend will be dedicated to finding it somewhere in Austin so that I can be supplied with it for the rest of my life.

DSW Shoes
I know, this is old news. But I’ve recently re-discovered shoe shopping and they have a great selection. I got really comfortable, ultra-cute shoes for Shaun’s wedding, and now I can’t stay away from the place. My feet are currently living in a zone somewhere in between being able to tolerate the torture devices most people consider cute shoes, and all-Dansko, all the time. So DSW provides me with lots of different brands to try. While I may not be getting the turquoise alligator stiletto pointy-toed shoes my friends enjoy, I did find a nice pair of gold sandals that aren’t too bad.

The Ginger People
This company makes all things ginger, and I love me some ginger. The ginger chews are slightly milder versions of the Vietnamese candy. They have hard candies too, which are great. The new “ginger soother” drink packs a punch, but is relatively mild compared to most soft drinks, and is flavored with honey, which tastes great. I just tried the ginger-snaps for the first time and they are heavenly. You can get a lot of the stuff at Whole Foods, but some is only available on the website.

Bi Bim Bap
I’ve known about this dish for a long time, but I managed to eat it twice this week and enjoyed it both times. Next time you go to a Korean eatery, try it out. It’s like the Bun of Korean food – if they can do it right, you know you’ve found a good place. Rice topped with several kinds of veggies, meat, and a fried egg. The perfect meal, it’s heavy on the veg and light on the meat, but satisfying and filling.

Downloading TV on ITunes
I’ve been mostly happy with my choice to go tv-free a couple years ago, but I miss a few of my favorite shows. While Netflix fills the void somewhat, that takes planning and thought. On ITunes, for the fantastically absurd, yet not inconceivable price of $1.99, I can watch an episode of Buffy, Queer Eye, and a growing library of other great shows. It’s such a small price, but I am sure it’s going to add up very quickly, and when compared to the amortized cost of cable or video rental, it’s a serious fucking racket. Call me a sucker. I dare you.

Taking a breath

I’ve just finished my second semester of graduate school. Woo! Now I get my first break – four whole weeks of just full time work, at least until the teacher decides to give us pre-class homework.

Shaun and Kris’s wedding was fun, and very them. The food was great, I danced my ass off, and everyone seemed to have a good time. It was a quick trip for me and David, and I had to do my final presentation for Strategy class 24 hours after we got back.

I have no idea what to do with my evenings now! I guess all the things I did when I was avoiding my homework, but without the guilt. Where’s the fun in that?

Good time to catch up with friends, do some pleasure reading, maybe get some extra exercise in. The sky is the limit. For four weeks. But at least we get a good long break between fall and spring semesters as well.