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Latest Addictions

Just because I haven’t posted about my addictions in a while doesn’t mean I don’t have any:

  • My Aeropress
    Sent from Heaven (or Hell, if you ask David) this little puppy makes the awesomest lattes, chais, and anything else you want to concentrate to super-strength. While my Starbucks intake has dropped precipitously, my caffeine intake has increased more than I care to admit.
  • This coffee.
  • My niece
    There is possibly nothing cuter. And that includes puppies and kittens. Although this one is providing some stiff competition.
  • Bellydancing (again)
    Yes, the full-on addiction with all the shiny, sparkly accoutrements has returned. My abs thank me. And now I like photographing it too.

Hawaii, continued.

The newlyweds split up this morning to pursue their own activities. David went diving. He saw some cool fish, some wacky looking lobster, and a huge freaking humpback whale. He’s doing a night dive tonight with manta rays.

I, on the other hand, pursued my love of coffee into the mountains south of our hotel.
There are hundreds of coffee plantations in that area, each one being fairly small because of the labor-intensity of harvesting coffee. I learned a whole lot about coffee, and I got very, very, very wired.

I visited Kona Joe’s coffee plantation where they grow coffee in a vinyard-style like wine. This is supposed to make the beans ripen more evenly, and produces higher yields. The coffee was really good, I had a cup of the medium roast, cafe au lait style.

Then I went to Greenwell Farms a bit further down the road. They have lots of fruit trees, and amazing coffee. I took a bunch of pictures there as well. I saw some cool wildlife – birds and colorful lizards. The scenery is beautiful just about everywhere you go.

We’re going to drive further down the coast tomorrow, and then visit the volcanoes on Weds. via some hiking and a helicopter tour. More pictures to come, watch my flickr page.