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Bokeh Eye-Candy

I’ve become obsessed with a photography style called “bokeh”. It’s macro photography, generally, which utilizes a large apeture (shallow depth of field) which results in your subject being very sharply in focus, and the background as blurry as possible. The smoother, the better. The people who are really good at it frame their shots so the composition of the subject, and the contrast with the background is almost like a visual haiku. I’m not at that level yet, but some of my attempts are not so bad:

Zilker Botanical Gardens

Zilker Botanical Gardens

Zilker Botanical Gardens

Zilker Botanical Gardens

backyard bokeh


I’m keeping track in a set you can see here.

But if you really want to see the masters, check out these people:



*Sakura* Her stuff is AMAZING. Check out the frog and ladybug sets, particularly.

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