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Two Years Ago


Two years ago in Hawaii

Hard to imagine that it’s already been two years since we eloped in Hawaii. And what I wouldn’t give to be in Hawaii right now. But the oncoming train of parenthood is making us a bit more circumspect in our spending habits, so we’re having a staycation. While the last two years have brought a lot of change in our lives, I’m so very glad we decided to get hitched.

Hill Country Photo

Hill Country May 09

More on our adventure in Kerrville coming soon, but here’s a cool photo. I made David drive all over to find these funky purple flowers so I could photograph them, and when I found some he said, “Those? Those are bull nettles.” Seems you don’t want to go frolicking barefoot through a field of these. Note the spines. Pretty, though. In a creepy sort of way.

Underwater Eye Candy

David took a dive trip to the Flower Gardens in the Gulf of Mexico this week. He brought our D300 with it’s underwater casing for the first time, and took some pretty amazing photos. Enjoy!
Underwater Camo

Worm that looks like pinecones

David's Flower Gardens Dive 08


David's Flower Garden Dive Summer 08


Get out of my yard! Damn tourists!