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I’m not going to write a whole lot about it since it’s all about the pictures. We had two Halloween events – a Weds. play date and a barbecue at our house on Halloween Sunday. The first helped us figure out how much dressing and photography the babies would tolerate for the second, so we got really good pictures the second time. The party was a blast, everyone seemed to have a good time, including the babies. There was some excellent food which I neglected to take pictures of. You know where my priorities lie these days. I am, however, eating some dairy now with no ill effects and very slowly easing into the soy. This makes mama happy. Enough about me. Pictures!

Halloween Playdate!


Halloween Playdate!

Such happy, well behaved babies!

Halloween Playdate!


Playgroup Halloween BBQ

Yes, I dressed my child up like a fairy and put her on a pumpkin. Sue me.

Playgroup Halloween BBQ

Halloween Playgroup BBQ

Chaos eventually ensues.

Playgroup Halloween BBQ

Yes, I dressed like a fairy too. I know.


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