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Changes are afoot

You may notice a bunch of posts you haven’t seen before if you scroll backwards. This is because I decided to import my pregnancy/baby blog into this one. It’s a little more, shall we say, frank (TMI) than I’ve been in this blog at least in places. But I think it represents a big chunk of my life and I’m more interested in being honest than pretty. Plus, you get baby pictures – lots of them! Anyway, feel free to skip over the parts that annoy, and I hope you enjoy the new content. It should be integrated with the old content, dating back about a year.

1 comment to Changes are afoot

  • tracy

    I am here if you need anything, and finally functioning a little better, so I can help with anything. Let me know when I can drop off your stuff. I can leave it on the porch if your not up to seeing me.

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