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So things have been progressing. Some of the details of which I’ll spare you, some not.

We went to birthing class last week which didn’t suck as badly as the childcare class, but still consisted of 3 FREAKING HOURS of lecture. Did I mention that I have trouble sitting for long periods of time? Yeah. The hands on bit (massage, breathing techniques) was okay, but fairly wimpy compared to stuff I’ve learned in yoga. I kind of wish I’d signed up for Bradley technique which is a longer class that covers a lot more visualization and stuff. But one of my yoga friends said her teacher is fairly militant about the no medical intervention thing, which can totally suck it as far as I’m concerned. Anyway, bridge. Water.

That night things started to happen (again no details on this one because ew) and we started to freak out a bit. But since then signs (one massive contraction that woke me up a couple nights ago) but no dice. Today at my appointment my OB said I was 70-80% effaced, but still only 1cm dilated. So we’ve gone from “any time now” to “why aren’t you in labor yet?”¬† And then the not fun part: she tried to forcibly dilate me, claiming there was a band around my cervix that was inhibiting it. OW. OW OW OW. That was no fun. She thinks that if I was dilating I’d be in labor. Anyway, she eventually gave up (after much protestation and¬† traumatizing¬† my husband) and said that I was ready to go, and if I hadn’t by next week she was going to attack my cervix for real. Oh goody.

So now I’m trying all of the self-inducement stuff. Walking, squats, pressure points. I’ve got a massage on Thursday (hopefully, I was supposed to have it today and it was canceled) and I’m going to ask her to go to town on those pressure points. Let’s get this show on the road!

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