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GrumbleI’ve had a grumbly few days. On Monday I started feeling ill again – sore throat, mild fever. How annoying is that? It didn’t get better Tuesday so I dragged my ass back to the doctor to get various bits of me swabbed in case I had gotten the flu or strep or something. No sign of either, but my doc was very helpful with some over the counter and holistic recommendations that helped a lot. Today I was feeling much better and gearing up to go to yoga when the fever hit again and I was down for the next couple hours. It’s one of those mild viruses that you can pretty much kick with sleep and fluids, not heavily symptomatic, but having anything when pregnant makes me paranoid.

For extra fun I had to finish my root canal today. The fabulous nurse who let me gag my guts out last time left me lying upside down in the chair today with my mouth full of metal and plastic for 15 minutes before the dentist showed up. Becuase that’s what pregnant ladies with an overactive gag reflext need. The procedure went okay, but was wicked painful in parts. I still have to go back to my regular dentist for a crown.

So yeah, kind of a grumbly few days. I’m fighting a couple of exercise related injuries – at least sitting on my ass for the last three days has helped with the recovery from that.

I really like this part of pregnancy for the most part. It’s pretty amazing that there’s someone inside me wiggling around. I just wish I could stop having to deal with extraneous medical crap for a few weeks. She’s been hanging out very low in my uterus mostly, which makes some of the kicking a wee bit uncomfortable. Yesterday it felt like she’d moved further up, which made the kicking more cute and less painful. No hiccups since last week. I generally alternate days where the belly feels comfortable, and days where it feels like someone is in serious need of more room.

I’m hoping to feel healthier and happier tomorrow. I have plans to make pie. That should work.

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