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Not much to report.

The last few days have been better than those described in the last post, thankfully. As I said to David, I’m about a 5-6 on the 1 to BLEARGH scale. If I’m diligent about eating frequently and taking the medication, incapacitation is minimized. Seems like I have a bit more energy than before, or possibly I just have learned how to manage what I have a little better.

I’ve been playing hooky from yoga because of my ongoing back issues, need to avoid repetitive motion-sickness inducing movement, and aforementioned heightened intolerance for artifice. Walking seems to be the best option right now, but I really wish this injury would resolve sometime soon.

I’m doing more writing these days, and getting out and being social a bit more. It’s good to have the brain working. Too much physical and mental inactivity is not of the good. I’m still holding out hope that the nausea and the blistering heat will magically go away any day now.

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