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New Developments

bellyI think I’m officially showing. While of the round persuasion, I tend to carry my weight in back. Until I got pregnant — and all those bellydancing abdominal muscles didn’t go in anymore, they went out. But I didn’t look pregnant, I just looked like I’d been eating a lot of donuts (when in reality I’d been eating as little as possible). As of yesterday, I think I look a teensy bit pregnant.

I’m stuck in the no-woman’s land between not-maternity and maternity clothes. I definitely live in my Motherhood maternity jeans. I still fit in my old jeans fine, but I can’t stand any pressure on my waist when I sit down, so they’re in the “don’t open until Easter” box. But maternity blouses are insanely long, it’s waaaay to early for those. Luckily, I have enough blousey shirts to get me through the next couple of months.

Nausea seems to be better in the morning, gets worse in the afternoon. But when I think back to how bad it was a few weeks ago – damn. I ate actual Indian food last night! Three weeks ago I could barely stomach rice. This is an improvement.Odd aches and pains come and go, I’ve decided to just ignore them mostly. I think if I try to stretch them out too much I’ll do more damage than good.

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