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In which I start to receive stuff

0900631b81713381LMy sister in law gave me this yesterday. It’s even cuter in person. She’s very anxious for me to find out what flavor of child I’m having, but she couldn’t resist something gender neutral in the meantime. And did you see the little duck feet?

Sorry, I almost lost my cantankerous there for a second. I’m back. Things are chugging along. I’m wearing a maternity shirt today and it fits, pretty much. I just need a few more shirts that aren’t falling apart from overuse and I’ll be cool. Funny, no one is rushing out to buy me cute clothes. Of course, I’m not going to outgrow mine forever each week. Hopefully.

The nausea is still a lot better, though not gone. I’m thinking about ditching the medication in the morning tomorrow and seeing if it’s cool. I’m still going to take it in the evenings until the ick totally abates. My butt injury is also somewhat better, yay for massage and ice. Because icing your ass is glamorous and cool. Just ask David.

Almost forgot! It has magically fallen under 100 degrees here in Austin for the last 4 days. For the first time since sometime in June. Apparently we are one day short of the record for the most days over 100. And I’m okay with not breaking that record, really.

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