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In which I start to receive stuff

0900631b81713381LMy sister in law gave me this yesterday. It’s even cuter in person. She’s very anxious for me to find out what flavor of child I’m having, but she couldn’t resist something gender neutral in the meantime. And did you see the little duck feet?

Sorry, I almost lost my cantankerous there for a second. I’m back. Things are chugging along. I’m wearing a maternity shirt today and it fits, pretty much. I just need a few more shirts that aren’t falling apart from overuse and I’ll be cool. Funny, no one is rushing out to buy me cute clothes. Of course, I’m not going to outgrow mine forever each week. Hopefully.

The nausea is still a lot better, though not gone. I’m thinking about ditching the medication in the morning tomorrow and seeing if it’s cool. I’m still going to take it in the evenings until the ick totally abates. My butt injury is also somewhat better, yay for massage and ice. Because icing your ass is glamorous and cool. Just ask David.

Almost forgot! It has magically fallen under 100 degrees here in Austin for the last 4 days. For the first time since sometime in June. Apparently we are one day short of the record for the most days over 100. And I’m okay with not breaking that record, really.

Mostly Good News

SMARTFOOD_White_Cheddar_Cheese_Flavored_PopcornThe nausea continues to abate. Still a bit in the evenings and if I forget to eat EVERY FIVE MINUTES. Okay, maybe not quite that often, but pretty dang often. It’s all about Smartfood and Pop Tarts. I did make hatch mac and cheese this week. That’s right, I cooked! It was pretty good.

I went to the chiropractor today and got that injury worked on, so I’m hoping it will heal up faster now. It also seems marginally cooler now, I’m hoping to start walking in the mornings a bit. While I’m not exercising nearly as much as before I got pregnant, I’ve got to give myself props for keeping up regular (5-6 days a week) exercise of some kind. I pretty much start to go crazy if I don’t do anything.

So now that I don’t want to sleep all the time, I’m starting to think about all the stuff we’re supposed to accumulate before the big event. I’m trying to find lightweight, non-bulky gear. I hate carrying around tons of crap. When I go on vacation, I pack and repack for weeks in advance because I HATE bringing stuff I don’t use.

Also, finding stuff for babies that doesn’t look absurd is somewhat challenging. For example, bassinets. There’s this:


Does this make anyone else want to hurl?

or this:


Much better.

I am not a big fan of excessive frills. I’m also in favor of the second one because it doubles as a co-sleeper. And you know what that means? More sleep for me.



Fall Neighborhood Walk
I know I haven’t been posting as much. Not much new photography going on in the blinding heat, I’m sorry to say. I am SO ready for fall. I am pining for fall. It’s pretty much been over 100 degrees every day since early June. I am over it.

I have been writing a lot, however, and you can see what I’ve been up to at my business blog, Working From the Heart.

Slightly betterish.

The nausea has been better during the day, and I seem to have a bit more energy. This is good. I’m still battling it in the evenings so maybe that will die down soon as well. I got a call from the perinatal office today and my amnio got moved up by a few days, so I should know the flavor of kid we’re having on Sept. 17th. Unfortunately, we will have to wait the weekend for the amnio results. I’m obviously a bit stressed about all that, just want it to be over and for the kid to have the right number of fingers and toes and chromosomes.

On a lighter note, I got some clothes today I’d ordered from Old Navy maternity. Best. Jeans. Ever. And a tee shirt that actually fits and doesn’t hit my knees, and a good cardigan for the fall. Woo!

Not much to report.

The last few days have been better than those described in the last post, thankfully. As I said to David, I’m about a 5-6 on the 1 to BLEARGH scale. If I’m diligent about eating frequently and taking the medication, incapacitation is minimized. Seems like I have a bit more energy than before, or possibly I just have learned how to manage what I have a little better.

I’ve been playing hooky from yoga because of my ongoing back issues, need to avoid repetitive motion-sickness inducing movement, and aforementioned heightened intolerance for artifice. Walking seems to be the best option right now, but I really wish this injury would resolve sometime soon.

I’m doing more writing these days, and getting out and being social a bit more. It’s good to have the brain working. Too much physical and mental inactivity is not of the good. I’m still holding out hope that the nausea and the blistering heat will magically go away any day now.

Remembering Spring

… and a time when the temperature was under 100 during the day.

Or not.

I thought maybe the nausea was getting better, but late Thursday afternoon through bedtime last night was HELL. Worst I’ve had in weeks, possibly the worst so far. And let me say, my mental hygiene deteriorates rapidly when I feel like that much ass. I thought maybe it was my fault for cutting back on the Zofran, but my boobs got sorer, so  I think it was more like a mighty hormone surge.

It turns out nobody really knows what causes the nausea that often occurs with pregnancy. 80% of women have it to some degree. As long as it’s not the really bad kind (where you can’t keep water or food down for the whole pregnancy) it correlates with a safer pregnancy. Curses! Some research shows it’s related to progesterone levels and the subsequent slowing of the digestive system.  One study decided it was the result of “hysteria.” You’ve got to love the medical industry. That one couldn’t be reproduced, btw.

Anyway, I’m back on the Zofran until further notice. Hopefully it will take the edge off. Hopefully that last surge of ick is my body’s final hurrah before the blessedness that is supposed to be the second trimester kicks in.

I’m not eating enough vegetables these days. I’m pretty much living on frozen meals – Amy’s Organics and Lean Cuisine. They’re both relatively healthy brands and the portion size is just right – enough to eat but not too much. If I go out I’ll often eat a little more than I need resulting in, you guessed it, more nausea. Exercise has been challenging, but we’re mostly keeping up the walking in the evenings. I’ve laid off the yoga a bit as it keeps re-inflaming that injury I can’t shake. Belly dance seems to be okay, as long as I don’t exceed my one-hour limit. When I do, things go south rapidly.

So far this morning I feel reasonably okay. Fingers crossed I don’t have another day like yesterday. Amen.

Random Updates

img_8033-copyNot much has changed in the last couple of days. I’m 12 weeks today. Woo! But I’m not going to make a public (re: facebook) announcement until after we get the amnio results. Which will be sometime the week of Sept 21, a long damn way off, it feels like.

I’m telling myself the nausea is getting better, but I don’t really know. Yesterday the bouts were shorter and further between. Today I felt fine until about 3 pm, and then all hell broke loose. I think that overall it’s happening a bit less, but still too much for my taste. I’m starting to wonder if I’m not eating enough. I snacked a lot more yesterday. But I would prefer to not start packing on the weight for a bit longer. Still, lots of growth happens to the kid in the second trimester, so I probably need to feed it better. I dedicate this pop tart to the cause! (Hey, it’s organic…)

My belly is bigger. I’ve been searching in vain for tops that will see me through the next couple of months. NOTHING FITS. Maternity tops are so insanely long, I wonder if they will ever fit me in my shortness. Normal clothes seem to be cut really long and close to the body this season. So I’m living in the same 4 shirts. And I’m tired of them. Also, they’re wearing out.

In spite of the fact that the nausea has not left the building, the weepiness is setting in. I cry when I hear sad songs. I cry over text messages. I hear it only gets worse. Still, it’s better than nausea, so if I have the opportunity to trade them out, I will.

I don’t know why I find this hilarious.

Go here:





I went to another prenatal yoga class tonight. What. Are. These. People. Smoking. This teacher (very singsongy) stretched out a former student/new mother’s very personal birth story over the whole 1.25 hours and used all of the gritty details — and they were gritty — as metaphors for yoga poses. Because I’d love to have the story of my vaginal tearing shared with random strangers. She seemed to want to tell us how to feel and what to think about each aspect of pregnancy and birth. I just wanted to exercise, yo!

The part that really pissed me off was how she mentioned this mother was very scared of the whole process when she first started coming to class, but eventually chose the, and I quote, “High-Minded” path. Yeah, because that doesn’t sound judgmental at all. And of course, the teacher had to tell us how non-judgmental she was.

Tomorrow I’m going to the one class where I actually really like the teacher. Sweet relief.