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Quick Facelift

I was not inspired by the WP theme I was using. Since I’m hosting this blog on the WordPress website instead of my own (I’ve maxed out on domains for the moment), I decided to use one of those novel out of the box themes for a while. I know you so care.

Yesterday was more nausea, more fatigue, less cramps. I went to my second pre-natal yoga class. There was a girl there, younger than me for sure who was nine weeks along with NO symptoms. She seemed a little envious of my list of complaints. While I would gladly give up the icky stomach, I guess it is good to know that serious stuff is going on in there.

20081230-steakI’m continuing my love affair with beef. I was shopping at Central Market and had a sample of rib-eye. I grabbed a huge steak right there on the spot. I actually had to force myself not to have a hamburger for lunch, since I think three servings of beef in two days is a bit much. The steak was cooked for dinner,  rubbed with Emeril’s spice mix and grilled on my panini grill. Add some herb-roasted potatoes and ricotta stuffed romas and we were in business. While I miss eating my steak bloody rare, it was still pretty good.

Yesterday was a good exercise day, too. I did my yoga class in the morning and took a good walk with David and the dogs in the evening. The nausea right now seems to be confining itself to the hours between 10am and 8pm. It’s intermittent, but annoying. It makes it a little harder to keep up with my normal level of activity, timing is everything.

I’m going to the chiropractor today, and I’m going to sneak into the Old Navy Maternity store just to get a look at my future.

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