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New Orleans Bound

White Sand Florida PanhandleWe’re packing up tonight and driving to New Orleans in the morning. Florida has been not as exciting as I hoped, but I think that was actually what I needed. We’ve been glutting ourselves on cable television (I now dream home improvement shows) and just taking it slow. We ventured out to the beach a couple of times, but David ended up with heat stroke and for a time, was significantly sicker than me. Luckily he improved after a few hours. Watered down Gatorade and rest works wonders.

I’ve been somewhat better, I think largely because I’ve been able to relax a bit and listen to my body rather than trying to order it around. My body is definitely taking orders from somewhere else these days. I’ve been working out in the hotel gym, and at the moment I think I like mindless exercise better than yoga. Sounds crazy, but it doesn’t exacerbate the nausea (yoga does with all the up and down and round and round) and seems to help me sleep better. So David and I are going to start hitting the gym when we get home.

I’ve been able to eat a little bit more like a normal person, though I still have to be very careful not to overeat at meals. Like by even one bite. Generally, I want fairly healthy food. Except ice cream. I haven’t been a huge ice cream person for several years, but I think it’s a pregnancy thing.

nomuffalettaforyouI’m hoping I can still enjoy New Orleans, which is all about the food. Although tragically, I realized yesterday that I can’t have a muffaletta! How much does that suck! It’s made with lunch meat, and I’m not supposed to eat it. One of my FAVORITE things to do in New Orleans is getting a big muffaletta at Central Grocery for the drive back. Alas. I predict I will still be able to eat some damn tasty stuff.

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