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Keeping it on the somewhat down low.

Since the broad announcement of my delicate condition isn’t going to be made for a while, I’m going to keep a pregnancy journal here and keep it private-ish. This blog is going to be large with the TMI, so avoid it if you don’t want to know.

As of today, I’m 5 weeks along. My primary symptom is BAT:

Photo 28

Big Ass Titties. I’ve already gone up a bra size. The next size is 38-INSANE. It hurts to reach across my body, lie on my chest, and sometimes it just hurts. Still, so far the overall experience has been pretty much okay. Insomnia is my worst complaint, and I’m prone to it anyway. Starting to get some nausea, so I’m off to the store today to buy everything I can find with ginger in it.

Food is starting to lose its attraction in general, and certain foods I usually enjoy, like orange juice (?), are now icky tasting.

Our first pre-natal exam is scheduled for July 26 when God willing, I’ll be 9 weeks along. We’re missing the 8 week window because we’re taking our first and last vacation as a childless married couple to Destin, Florida and New Orleans.  I’ll document the fun and photos on my other blog, and the vomiting here. Just kidding. Probably.

While going through my first trimester in the dead of one of the hottest summers in recent history isn’t a cake walk, better first than third, right?

More soon, I’m off to my allergist to figure out how to treat my asthma for the next 8 months.

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