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Increasing ick

The last couple of days have been all about the nausea. Do you know how counter-intuitive it is to eat when you feel like throwing up? This morning I discovered that a larger breakfast, first thing in the morning makes a HUGE difference.

Often it’s totally unpredictable. I ate dinner before going to class tonight, but still was ill for an hour or so. I’m eating much smaller meals, but there’s a lot of trail mix in between. I now hate cashews. No idea why. I have to pick them out of my trail mix. But I like milk better than I have in years.

I’m continuing to enjoy yoga on an almost-daily basis. Walking too, though 106 FREAKING DEGREES is a bit prohibitive. Being sick and tired already, the heat is brutal. I feel so much for my third-trimester sisters in Austin.

Other yay – asthma medication kicked in. So nice to be not wheezing. Other boo – Prozac withdrawal SUCKS. Ready for it to be gone.

Back to the grocery store tomorrow to see if Tiny Napoleon responds to anything besides dried fruit and nuts.

TN: Mange! Mange! Mange!
Me: Eat what?
TN: Le Sange et sur la branche!
Me: Huh?
TN: La Souris et sur la table!
Me: Just tell me what to freaking eat! What mouse?
TN: Ce n’est pas un pipe! Vive la France!
Me: Aaaargh!

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