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First Glimpse

Tiny Napolean's first picture

Tiny Napoleon's first picture

Today was our eight week prenatal appointment. Everything went well. We got our first look at the little critter, and he/she was wiggling around. Pretty crazy. My due date is officially March 4, 2010. which will make him/her a Pisces. The admin staff at the office was competent, but not great. My nurse and doctor were both good, so I think I’ll probably stick with them. Plus, my doctor got super extra bonus points for giving me a nausea prescription. This is a beautiful thing. She thinks I’ll be in the clear by the end of next week anyway, but in the meantime, blissful relief is near. I may even be able to make it to a yoga class tomorrow without getting motion sick or homicidal! That would be neat!

David endured the whole medical thing quite well. We decided we’re going to skip the early genetic tests because they can produce false positives (this actually happened to my doctor with her last kid) and just wait for the amnio. In the meantime, the kid looks healthy, in spite of my complaints I’m relatively healthy, and I have drugs! Woo!

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  • Chris

    Congrats on the first baby picture, very cool. And, congrats on the drugs(not quite as cool, but still very good), I hope you get some relief soon!

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