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All quiet on the southwestern front

So far this morning I actually feel pretty good. I’m trying a new breakfast combo:



And this:


And so far, I don’t feel like hurling! It may also have something to do with the B6 I’ve been taking for the last two days. Either way, not being seriously ick early in the morning is a thing of joy.

I sweetened both with a bit of cinnamon agave syrup. To the cereal, I added sliced organic banana, a little blueberry granola, and some slivered almonds. For whatever reason, tiny Napolean didn’t give me a hard time about eating this. I actually enjoyed it! And am blogging about it! I haven’t cooked in a week, other than toasting bread. I get really annoyed with picky, squeamish eaters. So being one BUGS.

I’ve been basically eating hobbit meals:

“Breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner and supper.”

Have you ever felt like not eating was a luxury? Me neither. But that’s what it’s felt like. Instead of sneaking that cookie, I’m sneaking a not-cookie, with the same effect. Upside down world.

This morning I’m off to yoga, and then to get my hair done without the use of chemical dye. That should be interesting. My skin is getting better, so maybe I’ll post a picture post-hair.

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