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Thursday Photo


These lovelies bloom in the front yard once a year. I never know what color is going to pop up, and I love photographing them.

Monday Photo

Taken at the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center last fall:

Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center

Weekendy Photo

I don’t do a lot of urban photography, but once in a while I get a good shot. This is a manhole cover on my street.

Only in Texas

I’m off to the Austin Bellydance Convention all weekend! See you on the flip side!

Wednesday Photo

This is why I like having a bounce flash for indoor pictures:

New toy! D40!

Little black and white dogs can be difficult to photograph – they dark eyes on dark fur is hard to distinguish. But I use a small bounce flash and voila! Fabulously illuminated eyes, and high-saturation colors. Plus he is possibly the cutest dog ever, so that helps.

Tuesday Photo

Zilker Botanical Gardens

One of my favorite shots from last year. I really need to get back over to Zilker and see how the lotus flowers and water lilies are doing.

Monday Photo

Neighborhood Walk April 09
This was a hard shot to get. We shoot with a powerful macro lens that takes stunning pictures, but the autofocus is really finnicky. It doesn’t like having lots of tiny things in almost the same plane – it gets confused and grumpy and refuses to play. So I’m especially happy that this one came out.