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Latest Addictions, Grocery Edition part 2

In the couple days since my last post I realized there were a bunch more products I wanted to share. So here goes.

Vanilla Bean Paste

This stuff is AWESOME. I use it in anything that calls for vanilla. Cookies, whipped cream, whatever. It gives you that glorious flecking you get from scraping out a vanilla bean, without the work (or insano cost).

Flavored Agave Syrup

Agave syrup has a lower glycemic index than other forms of sugar, and a great smooth taste. I love the cinnamon or vanilla flavor in my coffee or tea, and I use them to cook with as well. They have a ton of flavors, including tangerine-ginger, lavender, and peppermint.

mainCentral Market Tortellini
I love these frozen pastas. The pumpkin filled one is gorgeous with a little butter, parmesan cheese, and toasted pine nuts. The arugula filled one is great with any tomato or veggies sauce. They’re so flavorful on their own, that I can use whatever I have available to whip up a quick sauce and it’s bound to be tasty.


Bottled Minced Ginger

You may have already guessed that I’m a ginger addict. This paste lasts a good long time in the fridge, and I use it in so many things. I will often sub it for ground ginger in baked goods, and overdose on it in stir fries. Highly recommended.

2 comments to Latest Addictions, Grocery Edition part 2

  • Well, I use two out of the four. Yeah on the minced ginger, but I have to confess the jar looks a little like my minced garlic. Recipes don’t turn out the same if you mix them up ;-). Tortellini, big yeah! I have to be very careful not scarf down the arugula ones in one sitting they are so yummy. I use them with homemade pesto, especially arugula or kale pesto. Big yum. I’m now curious about the agave syrup, you’ll have to tell me if you’ve used it in place of honey yet.

  • missm

    I haven’t used it to replace honey in a recipe, but for drizzling and such. It’s sweeter than honey so be careful with proportion.

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