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Latest Addictions

Best Cookies Ever
– I’ve been tearing through the Cooking Light playbook of muffins and scones. This, this, and this one are highly recommended.

WordPress – This, my updated blog is a wordpress blog, and I updated my DiaMind Blog and also added one to my new website. They are highly customizable and ever so much more robust than my old hosted sites.

Funny StuffFU Penguin and FailBlog make my brain hurt from the funny.

Up – Go see this movie. If you are a dog person, really go see this movie.

Sunday Photo

Late April at Zilker Park

I’m a guest star!

My friend Nelson has this awesome food blog called Show Me Your Taco. I introduced him to the exotic tacos at Polvo’s and I got to help with the review and even do a little of the filming! It was fun, and tasty.

Friday Photo

This was taken during a speed photography* session at Mayfield Park a few weeks ago:

Full Feather

*When you just have a few minutes to kill between appointments and decide to take a quick walk through the park with your camera, and suddenly all the flowers are blooming and the peacocks are in full feather and you wish you had your D300 and 2 hours. Similar to Speed Shopping, which is the only time you ever find anything good at Ross.

Thursday Photo

I have a thing for textures. Once a web designer… Leaf textures are hard with macro, you’ve got to get your depth of field right, and find stuff that isn’t too busy. I really like this one, one of my early attempts:


Hill Country Adventure

On Sunday we packed up the pooches and took a liesurely drive out to Kerrville, Texas. Yes, it was the music festival weekend, and no, we didn’t go. We stayed in a cool little house build in the 1920s or so by the ancestors of our kind hosts, the Bachofens. It was very cool. Exposed walls, a French-style stone fireplace. There are a bunch of little buildings on the property, I didn’t get to see them all. It was very relaxed and unpretentious. I didn’t drag out the flash to take any indoor pictures, but here are some shots of the property and some awesome wildflowers in the surround.

Hill Country May 09

Our abode:

Hill Country May 09

Rusty ol’ Hinge:

Hill Country May 09

Spiny bull nettle:

Hill Country May 09

Hill Country May 09



By the side of the highway:

Hill Country May 09

Cactus shot by David:
Hill Country May 09

You know I can’t get enough purple:

Hill Country May 09

Dude, That’s Enough Purple Already Photo

Hill Country May 09

We went wildflower hunting while we were in Kerrville, and found these little beauties. Lots more photos here.

Hill Country Photo

Hill Country May 09

More on our adventure in Kerrville coming soon, but here’s a cool photo. I made David drive all over to find these funky purple flowers so I could photograph them, and when I found some he said, “Those? Those are bull nettles.” Seems you don’t want to go frolicking barefoot through a field of these. Note the spines. Pretty, though. In a creepy sort of way.

Saturday Photo

Kind of a funky angle, but I think it works with Persphone’s pained look.

Persephone & Loki

Friday Photo

Ecinacea is one of the most fun flowers to photograph macro. Awesome texture!
Zilker Botanical Gardens