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That’s my new favorite word.

Much to David’s dismay, we’re watching the Democratic Convention. I’ve been watching it more for the imagery and symbolism – what they’re not saying, what the visuals are trying to convey. Because Obama’s campaign has been so brilliant from a branding standpoint – both the messaging and the imagery, I’ve had pretty high expectations. But until the latter half of tonight (day 2), most of it has been pretty canned. Michele Obama was very poised and appealing, but I enjoy her interviews more than her speeches.

Deval Patrick, however, rocked my world. He was way better than the keynote speaker. And the Hilary retrospective was seriously intense. As a female entrepreneur trying to find entry into what is still a very masculine world, it was moving to see an unapologetic tribute to a woman’s strengths and trials. As a consultant it’s my job to tailor my message – to use language my clients respond to – and that often means stripping out emotional or feminine language. Hilary, for all her faults, is unapologetic for her femininity, and I find that very inspiring. Her speech was pretty powerful, barring a few silly one-liners.


Now that the whole thing is over, a few more observations. The final night was a serious spectacle. That was more what I expected from Obama. Heavy on the symbolism, rock concert intensity. Add to that an acceptance speech that was probably the most literate I’ve heard in my lifetime.

The first couple days were patchy, and had that 1980s Academy Awards look to them. But Bill Clinton and Joe Biden were pretty fiery, and Obama’s walk on got everyone amped for the finale.

The last night was this crazy epic spectacle. Much more what I would expect of the candidate with the most badass political candidate website ever. Massively theatrical. I thought Obama’s speech was pretty amazing. I really hope he wins the election, especially in light of McCain’s ultra-conservative VP pick.

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