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Easter Turnips

I decided to make a rosemary garlic root vegetable roast for Easter dinner. I included turnips. Never having cooked or eaten a turnip before, I mistakenly thought they were innocuous, potato-like items. I was so wrong. The resulting dish smelled like garlic scented ASS, and was unsuitable for human or canine consumption. Several scented candles and incense sticks later, our house still smells of turnips. All the turnip jokes in Black Adder make far more sense now. Turnips are gross.

Other than the turnip debacle, Easter was very lovely, and I got some great shots of David’s niece Julie hunting for Easter eggs and blowing bubbles, and of Anna and George’s awesome garden. Enjoy!

Long time no blog

My days feel scattered and hard to nail down. Having a day job puts this nice delineated structure around my time, and I’m still trying to deal with the lack of it, much as I enjoy being my own boss.

I realized I wasn’t taking enough time for my physical-mental health, and instituted a bit of a morning yoga stretching and meditation routine. To the left is my new Ganesha statue for my meditation altar. I looked around quite a bit to find one I liked. Ganesha is a god of success. He clears obstacles and represents wisdom and intellect. Ganesha is here to help me stay focused on my endeavors, but also to stay grounded.

I have a thing for elephants, I find them beautiful and mesmerizing. It’s probably projection, but they seem very soulful and deliberate. One of the most touching things I ever saw was a baby elephant playing by itself at a zoo. It seemed so intelligent, and so much like a little kid just entertaining himself and having fun being little.

So I consider elephants to be my totem animal. I collect elephant stuff, though I’m trying to limit that collection to a reasonable one. David would not be happy if we had elephant stuff everywhere. These are some carved stone elephants. I found both these and the statue at White Crane, a store associated with a holistic medicine school. The store has some cool stuff and the prices are pretty reasonable.

Next weekend we head to Santa Barbara for our second wedding reception. We’re really looking forward to seeing people, to Shaun’s awesome dinner, and to dragging our camera EVERYWHERE to take pictures. Austin has some nice scenery this time of year, but Santa Barbara has a plethora of vistas. Everything is a vista. So keep an eye on my Flickr page, hopefully we’ll have some good stuff up late next week.

More pictures

Starting your own business eats your brain. Just thought I’d put that out there. So, in the meantime, more pictures:

David took this one in our backyard.


We went to Mayfield Park on Saturday and took loads of pictures.

Another cool one by David.



There’s a duck pond in our neighborhood.