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Dog Update

Because everyone loves blogs about dogs.

Loki is doing really well. He’s still like a very skitsy cat around people who are not-us, but he’s happy and silly and very sweet and affectionate. He and David get along frighteningly well, he’s not underweight anymore, and we just love him to pieces. His latest nicknames are Brave Sir Robin (bravely ran away away), Prairie Dog Companion (he sits up on his hind legs and looks like a prairie dog), and Tiny Dancer (he dances when we come home). He has long drawn out battles with his toy purple dragon that involve much biting, jumping, and throwing (with occasional growling). He still only barks about once a week.

I’m stressing about what to do with him when we go to Hawaii in December. I have a very generous offer for a sitter for him, but he’s such a stress case when he’s out of his element, I would really love to find a house-sitter who is female, calm, and good with twitchy small dogs so he doesn’t have to leave home. Any suggestions would be very welcome.

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