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Latest Obsessions

My new MacBook
I love it so. My now former iBook crashed yesterday. Blue Screen of Death – couldn’t even get it to start up from the emergency cdrom. Yet the fine people at the Apple Store not only saved all my data, but transferred it in place to my new computer, applications and all. So not only did I not lose the paper I spent all weekend writing (and all my other crap), but I didn’t lose another day to reconfiguring my new computer. This is a beautiful thing. The new computer is lighter, has better resolution, better sound, a freaking fast processor, and other things I’m still discovering like this handy built in camera. Observe:

Pretty swank, eh?

Rodney Yee Yoga DVDs
David and I have been doing workouts from this set of DVDs every other day. They’re great – a good balance between clear instruction and working your ass out. You can get them at for pretty cheap.

Stila Makeup
Notice my creamy complexion? My flawless visage? No that’s not photoshop (okay, maybe a little), it’s all my fab Stila makeup. I’ve been diggin on their eye shadows, lip glosses (not sticky!), blushes, and pressed powder. Plus, they encourage you to buy items free of packaging and stick them in handy, magnetized pallettes, reducing waste. They have some nice perfumes too, if you like that sort of thing.

Bad Buddhist Radio
This is a great podcast that provides a clear, if somewhat irate, introduction to the four noble truths and the eightfold path of Buddhism. Those are kind of a combination of the constitution and the ten commandments, but for Buddhists. Ryu Cope does an introduction to each concept, strips off all the additional mystical crap, and explains what these guidelines really mean. Interestingly enough, they really align with my own values, and also come in handy for discussions and writing in my ethics class. A great place to start if you’re interested in the basics of Buddhism.

New Time Wasters
Joe Mathlete Explains Today’s Marmaduke
Gaping Void
Zuma – or The Game Responsible for my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Ultimate Pie Theft – PacMan, but with Pie
Perez Hilton – I can’t decide whether I should love of hate this guy, he’s sooo snarky, but his blog is extremely addictive.

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