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Austin Food Bytes – Ice Cream 101

Today I’m going to focus on a worldwide favorite, ice cream. There are actually many different kinds of ice cream, made in various ways. There are actually grades of ice cream as well. Ice creams like Hagen Daaz and Ben and Jerry’s is known as “super-premium” ice cream – this means it’s very dense, has very little air whipped in and lots of butterfat; it packs the most taste (and calories) per bite. Lighter weight ice creams like Bryers and Blue Bell are known as “premium” ice creams, they have a fair amount of air whipped into them, making them lighter in texture. I prefer premium ice cream when it is used as an addition to a dish, like fruit cobbler or pie. Gelato is Italian-style ice cream, it’s also quite dense, but is made with more milk and less cream. It’s also processed differently, creating a distinctive texture and faster melting time.

As I’m sure you already know, there are multiple places to procure said treats in Austin. Amy’s Ice Creams is a perennial favorite – they have rotating flavors and fun stuff to have smashed into your scoop. If you want a particularly decadent treat, ask for a black and white shake made with Mexican Vanilla and hot fudge. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, it’s rich, tasty and addictive.

A great source for local gelato is Teo. The proprietor studied the art of making the confection in Florence, Italy and stocks a variety of traditional and more creative flavors. They also have lovely espresso drinks. Another local spot is La Dolce Vita – they also serve a variety of desserts, liqueurs and coffee.

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