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That’s the sound of my life whizzing by. Bless me blogger, it’s been several weeks since my last entry. Work is busy and school is kicking my ass, but I really like it.

My new class, Critical Thinking, which is really almost halfway over, is pretty great. I really like the professor, he’s very teachery, in mostly good ways. He makes a genuine effort to practice what he preaches, takes feedback with good grace, and has a sense of humor about himself. His background is interesting and varied. Most importantly, he shows some humility about his perspective, which is telling. I become more and more suspect of people who don’t seem to have any humility. The workload is heavy. Some of the class seems to be more intimidated than others, but I think everyone will leave the class feeling like they got something good out of it. I know I will.

Learning about critical thinking and applying it on a daily basis is pretty powerful stuff. By taking a fresh look at how I make my decisions is often enlightening and sometimes humbling. It’s added a great deal to my sense of influence at work. It seems to me that a great deal of the ineffectiveness we often grip about when we’re “in the trenches” is self-limiting and self-fulfilling. We may have very good reasons to keep our heads down at times, but it is important to re-evaluate them regularly. You may find out that the storm passed a long time ago, or what looked like a hurricane was really just a light breeze.

4/7 Editor’s note: Do not blog an hour after taking your Lunesta. Really. Just don’t.

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