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Mercury's Law

Things never go as you plan them. You could say that’s a good thing. Or not. My week and a half of rest (re: plans for no assignments hanging over my head, vacation and some heavy drinking) turned out to be a figment of my imagination. Our new teacher gave us four assignments, counting the reading. I was grumpy at first, but if he delivers the goods, i.e. the knowlege, then I’m down. At the very least he seems very accountable for his role and that seems like a good to me.

Vacation at the lake was lovely until Sunday morning when I came down with the stomach flu and started *deleted*. Props to David for straightening the lake cabin up, packing the car and getting me home in less than an hour. The remainder of my weekend was spent in a feverish, achey haze. This thing has dragged on for several days now, but I’m on the mend. Just need a few more of those refreshing three hour naps. No heavy drinking will be ensuing. Just some light tea sipping perhaps. And lots, lots more writing for school. Peace, out.

If you'd like to read lots, lots more blathering…

I just posted my final paper to my Ethics blog. Enjoy.

Winding down for a brief period

This Weds. is my last class of my first 3 units of grad school (#2). I’ve wrapped up my paper, have a little more reading to do, and one more class to attend.

I have to say, the most interesting part of the class has been my classmates. I’ve enjoyed some of the reading, not enjoyed some of it, but the discussions are by far the most rewarding part. Our teacher has been dropping dire hints about the difficulty of the next class, but I really like the books, so I’m cautiously optimistic.

Next week is spring break, so I don’t have to study, write or read for class (I think) until two weeks from Weds. David and I are taking a little weekend out of town for a belated two year anniversary on Friday. I’m really looking forward to the break. I need some renewal.

Work has been stressful, but I know better than to post stuff about that (thank you, dooce). If you’re interested, call me.

someone took my soapbox

They’ve pretty much got it covered.