Baby Sunflower


Pretty but Strange

More from last weekend at Zilker

Kind of like an organic firework

David took this one. There’s this beautiful little rock pond in the parking lot of Zilker Botanical Gardens that always has the best waterlillies. I don’t know what these water plants are called, but they’re very cool looking.


Monday Photo

In honor of the gigantic amount of fresh veggies we have to prepare and consume this week, I give you basil: This is actually from last year’s garden. This year my basil is kind of peaky. But the CSA keeps providing us with huge bunches of fragrant, lush basil that I have to incorporate into […]

Saturday Photo

The composition in this one reminds me of a bridal picture – showing the train with the head over the shoulder pose. Except it’s a peacock.

Monday Photo

This was a hard shot to get. We shoot with a powerful macro lens that takes stunning pictures, but the autofocus is really finnicky. It doesn’t like having lots of tiny things in almost the same plane – it gets confused and grumpy and refuses to play. So I’m especially happy that this one came […]

Sunday Photo