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Mid-Week Photo

This is an older photo that I just brightened up a bit. Taken at Zilker last year.

Tuesday Photo

Harkening Back

To fall, when it was cool and crisp and not in any way insanely hot and sticky. Sigh.

Thursday Photo

These lovelies bloom in the front yard once a year. I never know what color is going to pop up, and I love photographing them.

Tuesday Photo

One of my favorite shots from last year. I really need to get back over to Zilker and see how the lotus flowers and water lilies are doing.

Sunday Photo

Daily Photo

I took this photo a few weeks ago at Zilker Botanical Gardens. I love all the smooshy pink and green.

Wednesday Photo

Zilker Botanical Gardens Originally uploaded by michelann

A stunning waterlily (or lotus, not sure) from last year’s crop. Got to get to Zilker for more photos soon!


In lieu of well-formulated arguments and philosophical musings, I give you FLOWERS:

David and I have been busy little bees. (no fertility jokes, thanks)

We spent the last two weekends at local parks trying out some new techniques with our fab lenses. Say hello to my carpal tunnel (too much photoshop driven mouse […]