More New Orleans

More Beach

Yesterday we explored a bit east of Destin in search of a less populous (re: less drunk people) beach. We ended up at Grayton Beach which is a state park. It was seriously pristine. The water was lovely and incredibly clear. You could see little fish of different sorts swimming around, even close to shore. […]

Road Trip!

The drive to Florida went surprisingly well, although it took about two hours longer that it was supposed to. Thanks, horrible traffic in Baton Rouge! We spent most of yesterday chilling and getting the lay of the land. Destin is kind of sprawling, and we didn’t make it to the beach until the evening: The […]


I probably already posted this a long time ago, but I love David’s underwater photography. I think this is some kind of sea urchin with lots of little blue fishies. That’s a technical term.

Trying to remember what cold feels like.

Winter trees and cold blue sky.

Saturday Photo

The composition in this one reminds me of a bridal picture – showing the train with the head over the shoulder pose. Except it’s a peacock.

Friday Photo

This was taken during a speed photography* session at Mayfield Park a few weeks ago: *When you just have a few minutes to kill between appointments and decide to take a quick walk through the park with your camera, and suddenly all the flowers are blooming and the peacocks are in full feather and you […]