25 Weeks

I had my prenatal appointment this morning and everything is looking good. Strong heartbeat, right sized belly, doctor is happy with the minimal weight gain. I had my glucose screening as well. Bleah. I hope I don’t have to take the 3 hour test because yuck. I had to go upstairs to get my blood drawn in another clinic. Even though I told them it was a timed test, they fubared it and I had to wander into the back to find someone to stick me. Then she failed to find a vein (which has never happened on me before) and chose to dig around in my arm rather than withdrawing the needle and trying again. I’m predicting a large, ugly bruise.

Here’s the progress in the belly department:

Sorry for the overexposed. Shining a flash in the mirror has unpredictable effects.

People keep saying I don’t look all that big yet, but man do I feel huge. TMQ is very active at times, and pummels various bits of me repeatedly. Not quite so much pummeling to the bladder this week, though it still happens.

Yoga continues to be a back-saver, along with my new shall-not-be-named pregnancy support pillow. Where has that thing been all my life? Sleep is a beautiful thing. I’ve definitely also hit the weepy phase. I melt down a lot for very lame reasons.

We’re headed to California next week for a family Thanksgiving and a baby shower. Looking forward to good company and good grub!

Time for a maintenance check

I can go several days with relatively little pain (though I won’t say discomfort  – having a tiny person inside you is not always comfortable), and then all hell breaks loose and my body goes into full rebellion mode. Currently I’ve got some round ligament pain – it was bad yesterday, not so bad today – lower back pain, and my latest issue is hip pain while sleeping. I used to get this once in a while when I slept on a soft surface like a couch, and assumed it was circulation-related. That makes sense, since pregnancy messes with circulation quite a bit. But now I wake up with one or both hips burning every couple hours and have to stretch them a bit to get back to sleep.

At first I could mitigate it by using the dreaded foam roller before bed, but now it doesn’t seem to make a dent in the pain. Luckily, I have yoga tonight and a visit to the chiropractor tomorrow (which includes a blessed massage).

However, I’m going to have to resort to buying yet another horribly named pregnancy aid, the Snoogle. Who the fuck comes up with these names? Preggie Pops? Snoogle? Could they be any more annoying? I think not. Yes, pregnant women are kind of cute. I revel in my pregnant cuteness. But please do some market research on your audience and recognize that some of us still have two brain cells to rub together. /end rant

Next week we’re flying to Santa Barbara for Thanksgiving, baby shower #1 and other assorted revelry. I’m not looking forward to the flight, but hopefully it will go smoothly. And there will be much tasty food on hand that I can enjoy. Bonus!

Fun with Interviews

1748131297_c092ca44d9I’ve been a slacker blogger lately. I think it might be a good day to get out and snap some photos of fall foliage or something. Maybe if the fog hangs around this morning.

We’ve almost finished painting one piece of furniture for the baby’s room (a bookcase). Who knew that painting furniture is such a pain in the ass? Still, it saves us cash and it looks really pretty. I’ll be ordering carpet next week and then hopefully things will start coming together. We have one more piece of furniture to paint and the walls of the room.

I haven’t registered for much in the way of toys. I don’t know what we’ll get as hand me downs, and my impression is kids cycle through stuff really quickly. It’s a small room and we’re already packing a lot of furniture in it. We’ll see how it plays out.

The last week or so has been better as far as my back and sinuses are concerned. Yoga helps EVERYTHING. I’m going back tonight. David can attest that I’m not in any way moody or hormonal. Really. Just ask him. Contributing to my lack of moodiness is my increasingly unwieldy body, and pretty much constant pressure on the bladder, especially when I’m standing up. Owie.

I have to take my glucose test next week. About 30% of women fail it, even though only 5-10% are diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Annoying. I really don’t want to have to take the 3 hour test. So I’m trying to ramp up the exercise this week in the hopes that if I’m on the edge it will tip the balance in my favor.

I’ve interviewed two doulas so far. I’m leaning towards the first one, just trying to decide if I should interview a third before I make a decision. The first one was very straightforward and not interested in pushing her personal beliefs on me. Her rates were reasonable, and it was all very simple and easy to understand.

The second one had way more stuff she offers (yoga, massage) but won’t give you an estimate until you’ve gone through extensive Q&A. She sent me about 10 pages of info – way too much to parse through for an initial interview – and tons of detailed hourly pricing. When I got to the interview she asked if I’d read all that crap and I said yes, but it left me unclear on what the price range was. So she called in her “manager” (husband?) who equivocated and hemmed and hawed and showed me a detailed spread sheet. This is when my entrepreneur/consultant self kicked in and I told him that since you can’t predict how long labor would take, an hourly rate makes it very hard to plan financially. I told him I was a consultant, too, and was familiar with spreadsheets and estimates, and it would be a lot easier to make an initial evaluation if I had some idea of a typical price range. He got defensive and told me this was his “business model” (twice).  Meaning my puny feminine concerns and needs should bow in the presence of the all mighty penis spread sheet. And by the way (you TOOL), a spread sheet IS NOT a business model. You clearly don’t have a one of those.

I  am so using this in an article.

Goddess save us from inept male entrepreneurs. Anyway, I kicked him out at that point and just told the doula (who was very nice) that she should consider posting a typical price range and the price of her recommended package. Then we talked about stuff like labor and birth. Realistically, I could probably trade her for business consulting. She’s actually done a good job marketing herself, she just needs to pry her husband’s sticky hands off the money part because I bet he’s losing her business. He certainly clinched my decision.

So I’ll probably be settling on a doula soon. The second trimester is rolling along. I’ll be officially in my third trimester in about 4 weeks. Yikes!

Some days are better than others


mmmmmm. suuuuuugaaaaaar.

Pregnancy continues to be an adventure. I had a bad cold a few weeks ago, and since then I’ve “relapsed” twice. But I think it’s actually Pregnancy Rhinitis, which is freaky allergy/cold symptoms linked to hormones (and probably the dryer weather). Whatever, it’s no fun and it feels like I get a short lived cold every week or so. I’m on the somewhat mend from the latest but it’s wicked  inconvenient. I think if I remember to hydrate better in between bouts they may be milder. I hope so. More tea for me!

Back pain reached an all time high a few days ago. Between round ligament pain, IT band pain, and SI joint pain it was pretty dang painful just to walk. Plus painting furniture for the baby’s room involves a lot of squatting which doesn’t help. But I got a massage and went to yoga and aaaaaahhhh. Sooo much better. Note to self. Go. To. Yoga. So I’m going back tonight and am planning to make sure I take at least 2 classes a week. My back thanks me.

My appetite, sweet tooth included, is back in action but I find if I don’t eat relatively small amounts about 10 minutes later I feel like I ate a bowling ball. So more snacks, less meals. Unfortunately it’s easy to snack on the sweet stuff but I’m trying to cut back. Except I made these and it’s a little hard to not eat them all. I continue to not gain weight, which is awesome, but I have to remember it’s also not an excuse to eat too much unhealthy food.

I’m 23 weeks pregnant as of today. The belly is large and round. Tiny Miss Quimby does a lot of kicking, punching, and rolling. Not all of it feels comfortable (please stop head butting my bladder!), but I’m glad to know she’s doing her thing. My emotions are definitely kicked up more. I can cry at the drop of a hat. Or a feather or pebble or whatever. But again, I think that any symptom that necessitates me taking better care of myself, physically or emotionally is not a bad thing.

Or not.

I thought maybe the nausea was getting better, but late Thursday afternoon through bedtime last night was HELL. Worst I’ve had in weeks, possibly the worst so far. And let me say, my mental hygiene deteriorates rapidly when I feel like that much ass. I thought maybe it was my fault for cutting back on the Zofran, but my boobs got sorer, so  I think it was more like a mighty hormone surge.

It turns out nobody really knows what causes the nausea that often occurs with pregnancy. 80% of women have it to some degree. As long as it’s not the really bad kind (where you can’t keep water or food down for the whole pregnancy) it correlates with a safer pregnancy. Curses! Some research shows it’s related to progesterone levels and the subsequent slowing of the digestive system.  One study decided it was the result of “hysteria.” You’ve got to love the medical industry. That one couldn’t be reproduced, btw.

Anyway, I’m back on the Zofran until further notice. Hopefully it will take the edge off. Hopefully that last surge of ick is my body’s final hurrah before the blessedness that is supposed to be the second trimester kicks in.

I’m not eating enough vegetables these days. I’m pretty much living on frozen meals – Amy’s Organics and Lean Cuisine. They’re both relatively healthy brands and the portion size is just right – enough to eat but not too much. If I go out I’ll often eat a little more than I need resulting in, you guessed it, more nausea. Exercise has been challenging, but we’re mostly keeping up the walking in the evenings. I’ve laid off the yoga a bit as it keeps re-inflaming that injury I can’t shake. Belly dance seems to be okay, as long as I don’t exceed my one-hour limit. When I do, things go south rapidly.

So far this morning I feel reasonably okay. Fingers crossed I don’t have another day like yesterday. Amen.


I went to another prenatal yoga class tonight. What. Are. These. People. Smoking. This teacher (very singsongy) stretched out a former student/new mother’s very personal birth story over the whole 1.25 hours and used all of the gritty details — and they were gritty — as metaphors for yoga poses. Because I’d love to have the story of my vaginal tearing shared with random strangers. She seemed to want to tell us how to feel and what to think about each aspect of pregnancy and birth. I just wanted to exercise, yo!

The part that really pissed me off was how she mentioned this mother was very scared of the whole process when she first started coming to class, but eventually chose the, and I quote, “High-Minded” path. Yeah, because that doesn’t sound judgmental at all. And of course, the teacher had to tell us how non-judgmental she was.

Tomorrow I’m going to the one class where I actually really like the teacher. Sweet relief.

Not So Zen

bigstockphoto_Yoga_Class_93826I’ve had bad prenatal yoga karma this week. All my teachers seem to be allergic to standing poses, so I leave class feeling as slothful as I started, necessitating more exercise (grr). David and I have started walking at night again, so that’s good.

I went to my Weds. class looking forward to seeing my favorite prenatal teacher  – she doesn’t do the singsongy thing and she doesn’t play bad music – and she was out. They had a guy subbing. He was okay, but again, no vinyasa, no standing poses, no sweating. He also missed the memo on pregnant women being hot all the time. I ended up asking him to crank the AC, which I thought was funny since I am by far the least prone to over-heating in a room full of 3rd trimester ladies.

Then last night I went to the class I tried last week – the one with the cool pregnant lady who played the insanely bad music. I figured I could remember the name of the song this time and share it with y’all. But she was out, and this older hippie lady subbed. I should have just rolled up my mat and left when I saw the all white clothing. Nausea + Kundalini Yoga = non mixy things. If you’ve never taken Kundalini Yoga, most of it is various movements coordinated with breath. But they do them really fast and incredibly repetitively. So swinging my head from side to side rapidly for five minutes at a time – NOT GOOD. I slowed everything down as much as I could, but it still suuuuuucked.

Plus Kundalini music is mildly annoying at the best of times – 2 smushy chords played over and over again with some airy vocal track in Hindi with horrible American pronunciation – but hey, at least it’s in another language and not to distracting, right? Right? Until she decided to play this horrible Grateful Dead meets Hari Krishna piece of drivel with lyrics like “I am Me. I am Me. There is one God and that’s a fact!”  I’m quoting directly here folks. She played this DURING MEDITATION. And she tried to get us to sing this Happy Tree Squirrel song at the end. FAIL.

Crappy yoga aside, I’m doing okay. My belly is growing. It’s such a reflex to beat myself up for any visible weight gain, it’s been interesting to learn to just deal with the belly and quit judging it. It sure isn’t going anywhere – except out. Ah, the joys of shortness. My mother in law who is tall said she didn’t show for quite a while with her first child. No such luck for me. But it’s cool, I just need some more maternity pants, stat. Shirts are still fine.

The weather here is still nuts, but we’ve had a couple of breaks in the heat. Today looks like it might be marginally better, and I have a massage! Yay! So I plan on being comatose for the remainder of the day. Cheers!

Hanging On

6a00e5518fb7e8883401156f84c796970cI went to pre-natal yoga this morning. I really don’t react well to the singsongy, miracle-of-pregnancy, whisper talking thing. When the teacher is chanting, “relax and connect with the light of your womb” I’m thinking, “shutupshutupshutup why can’t you talk in a normal voice who the fuck talks that way” Last week I went to a different class. I actually really liked the teacher, she was pregnant and very down to earth. But during final meditation she played the most GOD AWFUL music I’ve heard in many a year. It was this Joan Baez-esque connect with the soul of your baby folk piece of drivel that totally defeated the purpose of meditation. Note to self: never play music with words during meditation. Nobody likes to be instructed how to feel.

The irony is, I bet if I hear that same song during my third trimester I’ll be crying all over my yoga mat. Such is the schizophrenia that is pregnancy.

Nausea update: Still there. Freaking tired of it. Better than before, still tired of it.
Skin: meh
Fatigue: check
Mental Hygine: fair to middling

Waist: disappearing
Belly: growing

There’s a woman in one of my pre-natal classes that had the nausea from hell for 13-14 weeks. She’s all glowy and smiling now, so I think that means (Please, God) that there’s hope for me. I’m 11 weeks on Thursday. Any minute now…

Mourning the loss

goodbye…of my waist. It seems to be disappearing. I’ve always had a proportionately small waist. Until now. A friend referred to it as “tree trunk syndrome” and I’ve come down with it. Somebody please tell me I can have my waist back after I give birth! How else will I carry the kid around on my hip? He/She’ll slide off!

I’m finding pre-natal yoga more and more useful these days. It’s very good to be able to compare notes with other pregnant ladies. Most seem to have some level of nausea in the first trimester. Some have it BAD. The teacher last night was also quite pregnant – she said she’d hadn’t been able to hold down water until she got medication. Yikes! One lady hadn’t had nausea, she’d had constant heartburn. Which blows, because that usually doesn’t happen a lot until the third trimester. What’s reassuring about all this is there is no map. Your body has been taken over by aliens. There is no normal.

Oh, and someone recommended this. It’s basically a big sock that you wear over your unbuttoned/unzipped pants or skirts. Instant maternity wear! I’m getting one.

The other side of the story

ep_layer1There’s a new post up on my main blog, wherein I make eggplant parmesan, complete with photos and a recipe. It’s my first attempt at real food blogging. I left out some important details though, like the reason why I forgot to get provolone cheese at the grocery store: PREGNANCY BRAIN. I remembered to get more string cheese (a nice in-between-meals protein snack) but forgot one of the main ingredients. Hence the strange shapes you see above. Duh.

Also, I don’t like cooking meat at home right now. It smells good until after dinner, and then I can’t stand the smell of the kitchen until it dissipates (and with pregnancy smell, that’s like a week). So while I’m eating meat when we go out, I’m cooking veggie at home right now. I’m also eating a lot of Lean Cuisine and Amy’s vegetarian frozen meals at lunch. I should be eating more stuff from the CSA, but I still can’t bring myself to cook all the time. Anyone want potatoes and onions? I have a ton.

But since I’m not sharing my delicate condition with the world at large yet, I’ll just have to vent here.

Another example: my yoga teacher today told me that she had a recommendation for a prenatal massage therapist who will get in and work my muscles. Yay! I forgot to get her info. Doh.

Other than the reduced brain power, I’m having more heartburn. I hear that gets wicked bad third trimester. Also, a bunch of the third trimester ladies at yoga were talking about carpal tunnel in their fingers! What’s up with that? I’ll enjoy the use of my fingers while I can, I guess. I’ll have to audio blog if my fingers freeze up…