Bad Blogger!

I know I’ve been lax posting this last week or so. I have a couple I need to write, hopefully I’ll get more in later today. In the meantime, here’s my big damn belly:

Quick update: round ligament pain – better! Yay. Weight – gaining less than 1/2 lb per week, so yay there too. Baby – really really wiggly. Tooth – still no crown. It’s a whole story unto itself. Seriously. Yoga – 4 days a week. Saves. My. Bacon. Emotions – you really don’t want to know. Just send David lots of calm, patient energy is all.

More later, I have a progress report on the room but I need to vacuum it so I can take pictures.

25 Weeks

I had my prenatal appointment this morning and everything is looking good. Strong heartbeat, right sized belly, doctor is happy with the minimal weight gain. I had my glucose screening as well. Bleah. I hope I don’t have to take the 3 hour test because yuck. I had to go upstairs to get my blood drawn in another clinic. Even though I told them it was a timed test, they fubared it and I had to wander into the back to find someone to stick me. Then she failed to find a vein (which has never happened on me before) and chose to dig around in my arm rather than withdrawing the needle and trying again. I’m predicting a large, ugly bruise.

Here’s the progress in the belly department:

Sorry for the overexposed. Shining a flash in the mirror has unpredictable effects.

People keep saying I don’t look all that big yet, but man do I feel huge. TMQ is very active at times, and pummels various bits of me repeatedly. Not quite so much pummeling to the bladder this week, though it still happens.

Yoga continues to be a back-saver, along with my new shall-not-be-named pregnancy support pillow. Where has that thing been all my life? Sleep is a beautiful thing. I’ve definitely also hit the weepy phase. I melt down a lot for very lame reasons.

We’re headed to California next week for a family Thanksgiving and a baby shower. Looking forward to good company and good grub!

Fun with Interviews

1748131297_c092ca44d9I’ve been a slacker blogger lately. I think it might be a good day to get out and snap some photos of fall foliage or something. Maybe if the fog hangs around this morning.

We’ve almost finished painting one piece of furniture for the baby’s room (a bookcase). Who knew that painting furniture is such a pain in the ass? Still, it saves us cash and it looks really pretty. I’ll be ordering carpet next week and then hopefully things will start coming together. We have one more piece of furniture to paint and the walls of the room.

I haven’t registered for much in the way of toys. I don’t know what we’ll get as hand me downs, and my impression is kids cycle through stuff really quickly. It’s a small room and we’re already packing a lot of furniture in it. We’ll see how it plays out.

The last week or so has been better as far as my back and sinuses are concerned. Yoga helps EVERYTHING. I’m going back tonight. David can attest that I’m not in any way moody or hormonal. Really. Just ask him. Contributing to my lack of moodiness is my increasingly unwieldy body, and pretty much constant pressure on the bladder, especially when I’m standing up. Owie.

I have to take my glucose test next week. About 30% of women fail it, even though only 5-10% are diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Annoying. I really don’t want to have to take the 3 hour test. So I’m trying to ramp up the exercise this week in the hopes that if I’m on the edge it will tip the balance in my favor.

I’ve interviewed two doulas so far. I’m leaning towards the first one, just trying to decide if I should interview a third before I make a decision. The first one was very straightforward and not interested in pushing her personal beliefs on me. Her rates were reasonable, and it was all very simple and easy to understand.

The second one had way more stuff she offers (yoga, massage) but won’t give you an estimate until you’ve gone through extensive Q&A. She sent me about 10 pages of info – way too much to parse through for an initial interview – and tons of detailed hourly pricing. When I got to the interview she asked if I’d read all that crap and I said yes, but it left me unclear on what the price range was. So she called in her “manager” (husband?) who equivocated and hemmed and hawed and showed me a detailed spread sheet. This is when my entrepreneur/consultant self kicked in and I told him that since you can’t predict how long labor would take, an hourly rate makes it very hard to plan financially. I told him I was a consultant, too, and was familiar with spreadsheets and estimates, and it would be a lot easier to make an initial evaluation if I had some idea of a typical price range. He got defensive and told me this was his “business model” (twice).  Meaning my puny feminine concerns and needs should bow in the presence of the all mighty penis spread sheet. And by the way (you TOOL), a spread sheet IS NOT a business model. You clearly don’t have a one of those.

I  am so using this in an article.

Goddess save us from inept male entrepreneurs. Anyway, I kicked him out at that point and just told the doula (who was very nice) that she should consider posting a typical price range and the price of her recommended package. Then we talked about stuff like labor and birth. Realistically, I could probably trade her for business consulting. She’s actually done a good job marketing herself, she just needs to pry her husband’s sticky hands off the money part because I bet he’s losing her business. He certainly clinched my decision.

So I’ll probably be settling on a doula soon. The second trimester is rolling along. I’ll be officially in my third trimester in about 4 weeks. Yikes!

Some days are better than others


mmmmmm. suuuuuugaaaaaar.

Pregnancy continues to be an adventure. I had a bad cold a few weeks ago, and since then I’ve “relapsed” twice. But I think it’s actually Pregnancy Rhinitis, which is freaky allergy/cold symptoms linked to hormones (and probably the dryer weather). Whatever, it’s no fun and it feels like I get a short lived cold every week or so. I’m on the somewhat mend from the latest but it’s wicked  inconvenient. I think if I remember to hydrate better in between bouts they may be milder. I hope so. More tea for me!

Back pain reached an all time high a few days ago. Between round ligament pain, IT band pain, and SI joint pain it was pretty dang painful just to walk. Plus painting furniture for the baby’s room involves a lot of squatting which doesn’t help. But I got a massage and went to yoga and aaaaaahhhh. Sooo much better. Note to self. Go. To. Yoga. So I’m going back tonight and am planning to make sure I take at least 2 classes a week. My back thanks me.

My appetite, sweet tooth included, is back in action but I find if I don’t eat relatively small amounts about 10 minutes later I feel like I ate a bowling ball. So more snacks, less meals. Unfortunately it’s easy to snack on the sweet stuff but I’m trying to cut back. Except I made these and it’s a little hard to not eat them all. I continue to not gain weight, which is awesome, but I have to remember it’s also not an excuse to eat too much unhealthy food.

I’m 23 weeks pregnant as of today. The belly is large and round. Tiny Miss Quimby does a lot of kicking, punching, and rolling. Not all of it feels comfortable (please stop head butting my bladder!), but I’m glad to know she’s doing her thing. My emotions are definitely kicked up more. I can cry at the drop of a hat. Or a feather or pebble or whatever. But again, I think that any symptom that necessitates me taking better care of myself, physically or emotionally is not a bad thing.


GrumbleI’ve had a grumbly few days. On Monday I started feeling ill again – sore throat, mild fever. How annoying is that? It didn’t get better Tuesday so I dragged my ass back to the doctor to get various bits of me swabbed in case I had gotten the flu or strep or something. No sign of either, but my doc was very helpful with some over the counter and holistic recommendations that helped a lot. Today I was feeling much better and gearing up to go to yoga when the fever hit again and I was down for the next couple hours. It’s one of those mild viruses that you can pretty much kick with sleep and fluids, not heavily symptomatic, but having anything when pregnant makes me paranoid.

For extra fun I had to finish my root canal today. The fabulous nurse who let me gag my guts out last time left me lying upside down in the chair today with my mouth full of metal and plastic for 15 minutes before the dentist showed up. Becuase that’s what pregnant ladies with an overactive gag reflext need. The procedure went okay, but was wicked painful in parts. I still have to go back to my regular dentist for a crown.

So yeah, kind of a grumbly few days. I’m fighting a couple of exercise related injuries – at least sitting on my ass for the last three days has helped with the recovery from that.

I really like this part of pregnancy for the most part. It’s pretty amazing that there’s someone inside me wiggling around. I just wish I could stop having to deal with extraneous medical crap for a few weeks. She’s been hanging out very low in my uterus mostly, which makes some of the kicking a wee bit uncomfortable. Yesterday it felt like she’d moved further up, which made the kicking more cute and less painful. No hiccups since last week. I generally alternate days where the belly feels comfortable, and days where it feels like someone is in serious need of more room.

I’m hoping to feel healthier and happier tomorrow. I have plans to make pie. That should work.

Much Better

Early September at ZilkerThe perinatal office called me this morning to let me know that the early amnio results are all good. Whew! That is some seriously stress-causing stuff, I tell you what. We should have final results late this week or early next, but all the major trisomy and sex chromosome stuff has been ruled out. Did I mention HUGE RELIEF? Cause, yeah.

They also confirmed the girlness. I will henceforth be referring to her as either Tiny Miss Quimby or Tiny Josephine (instead of Napoleon – get it?). The name is going to remain secret until she makes her debut, so don’t ask.

Now all I have to worry about is surviving another 5 months of pregnancy, getting the room together, getting all the stuff we need, and oh yeah – childbirth! I’ve heard it’s all easy and fun like ice cream and puppies, right? Right?

Other fun facts about my pregnancy so far. I’ve lost about two pounds since my first pre-natal appointment. Which means I’ve probably lost a few pounds more in body fat, since TJ is growing. I’d be worried, but she’s five ounces now which is a good size for 16 weeks. I’ll take it! Makes it easier to shop for clothes since they’ll probably fit all the way through.

Now the challenge is to NOT buy all the cute baby clothes I see and to start making a plan for the room, which needs new paint and carpet. And interviewing Doulas. And lots of other stuff.

I'm ready to sleep for a week.


Miss Tiny Quimby

I had my amnio appointment this afternoon. I was soooooo freaking stressed about it. First part, fill out tons of papers (with mostly the same information) covering information I already filled out for my OB. Computers, where art thou? Next part, talk to a geneticist about creepy stuff. Check. Then, an ultrasound. Then I meet Dr. Barry (who rocks and says I should eat smoked salmon if I want to) for another ultrasound and the sticking of a big needle in my belly. The current results: good looking girl-child! Woo! Normal size, good heartbeat. Cute little hands and nose. Pretty awesome.

The not fun part: waiting for the genetic test results which could be as early as tomorrow afternoon, more likely on Monday. Pray to the deity of your choice that all is well.

Next up, decorating!

Trundling onward.

Nothing particularly funny or sad to report. My belly is kind of funny feeling, especially my lower abdominal muscles. I assume this is because of stretching. I finally ventured back to yoga yesterday with my favorite teacher and it was good. She gave me modifications for my injury and did a special stretch for it. Very nice.

I’ve had a lot of headaches, I think mostly from eye strain. I’m having to be religious about wearing my glasses and about trying not to squint. Pregnancy can apparently cause temporary vision changes. The nausea still comes and goes, but as long as I eat pretty frequently it’s only really annoying in the evenings. Eating is no joke. I start to feel a little sick, and then I start to feel, well, just freaky. This is the sign that I need to eat NOW or suffer unspeakable yuck. So my purse is a repository of granola bars, breakfast bars, and other easily packaged snacks. I’m still not hot on cooking. I’m sick to death of food as it is, the idea of preparing it, eating it, and then cleaning it up is singularly unappealing. But if anyone would like to come over and cook for me….

I’ve been thinking about why I have an aversion to the hysteria that is pregnancy and birth “culture”, such as it is. There’s so much dogma about how to be, how to feel and how to prepare for every aspect of the process. The amount of stuff you’re supposed to accumulate is insane. All of this seems to leave out one essential fact. From the doll-like clothing and decorations, to the cultish schools of breastfeeding and child-rearing, where is there room for the fact that this being you’re bringing into the world is an actual individual person? Not a doll, and not living play-doh to be molded and shaped into something that fulfills your own needs. It’s a person. And my awesome and intimidating responsibility is to get to know this person as fully as possible (while bringing as little of my own baggage into it as I can), so I can help them figure out who they are and who they want to be. I’m pretty sure this process starts at birth, and I need to be prepared to jettison any expectations I have as things unfold.

I’m not saying I don’t love cute kid clothes, or I’m not going to show off or brag on my child (or take TWELVE THOUSAND photos with my fancy camera). But the big message here is IT’S NOT ABOUT ME. And that’s why it’s so scary, and so intimidating, and so important that I don’t start putting my own expectations on this child before he or she is ever born. And all the crazy ideas and stuff that go with this process in our culture seem to be about helping us ignore the scary and intimidating bits and focus on the stuff we think we can control. And it’s not about the stuff.

I’m not a fan of ambiguity, but it seems insane to expect anything less when I haven’t actually met this kid yet. So I’m all about not knowing how birth and feeding and sleeping and development is going to go. I’m reading some stuff, and learning about child mental and physical development so I have a general idea –  not a course of action that doesn’t allow for deviation. Is not knowing what is going to happen stressful? Yes. Is it realistic? Very yes. Because there’s no way to know if this kid is going to like to be swaddled, or is going to take to breastfeeding, or is going to sleep easily or not. We’re just going to try to take it as it comes, and try and maintain our sanity as much as we can.

Or not.

I thought maybe the nausea was getting better, but late Thursday afternoon through bedtime last night was HELL. Worst I’ve had in weeks, possibly the worst so far. And let me say, my mental hygiene deteriorates rapidly when I feel like that much ass. I thought maybe it was my fault for cutting back on the Zofran, but my boobs got sorer, so  I think it was more like a mighty hormone surge.

It turns out nobody really knows what causes the nausea that often occurs with pregnancy. 80% of women have it to some degree. As long as it’s not the really bad kind (where you can’t keep water or food down for the whole pregnancy) it correlates with a safer pregnancy. Curses! Some research shows it’s related to progesterone levels and the subsequent slowing of the digestive system.  One study decided it was the result of “hysteria.” You’ve got to love the medical industry. That one couldn’t be reproduced, btw.

Anyway, I’m back on the Zofran until further notice. Hopefully it will take the edge off. Hopefully that last surge of ick is my body’s final hurrah before the blessedness that is supposed to be the second trimester kicks in.

I’m not eating enough vegetables these days. I’m pretty much living on frozen meals – Amy’s Organics and Lean Cuisine. They’re both relatively healthy brands and the portion size is just right – enough to eat but not too much. If I go out I’ll often eat a little more than I need resulting in, you guessed it, more nausea. Exercise has been challenging, but we’re mostly keeping up the walking in the evenings. I’ve laid off the yoga a bit as it keeps re-inflaming that injury I can’t shake. Belly dance seems to be okay, as long as I don’t exceed my one-hour limit. When I do, things go south rapidly.

So far this morning I feel reasonably okay. Fingers crossed I don’t have another day like yesterday. Amen.

Random Updates

img_8033-copyNot much has changed in the last couple of days. I’m 12 weeks today. Woo! But I’m not going to make a public (re: facebook) announcement until after we get the amnio results. Which will be sometime the week of Sept 21, a long damn way off, it feels like.

I’m telling myself the nausea is getting better, but I don’t really know. Yesterday the bouts were shorter and further between. Today I felt fine until about 3 pm, and then all hell broke loose. I think that overall it’s happening a bit less, but still too much for my taste. I’m starting to wonder if I’m not eating enough. I snacked a lot more yesterday. But I would prefer to not start packing on the weight for a bit longer. Still, lots of growth happens to the kid in the second trimester, so I probably need to feed it better. I dedicate this pop tart to the cause! (Hey, it’s organic…)

My belly is bigger. I’ve been searching in vain for tops that will see me through the next couple of months. NOTHING FITS. Maternity tops are so insanely long, I wonder if they will ever fit me in my shortness. Normal clothes seem to be cut really long and close to the body this season. So I’m living in the same 4 shirts. And I’m tired of them. Also, they’re wearing out.

In spite of the fact that the nausea has not left the building, the weepiness is setting in. I cry when I hear sad songs. I cry over text messages. I hear it only gets worse. Still, it’s better than nausea, so if I have the opportunity to trade them out, I will.