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Easter, Sleep Deprivation, and Car Seats

Lillian at Easter

Easter Madness!

Lillian is six weeks old tomorrow. This is a good thing. Supposedly, the sleep patterns are starting to get better. Oh please God. If she catches a cold, she won’t have to be tested for meningitis. Woo! I can start taking her to yoga yay! I may even risk the grocery store!

Except we’ve been having a little trouble in the car. Not every time, but recently she’s been freaking out in the car. Like totally unhinged, beet red, screaming, sweating, drooling. So horrible to watch/hear. I’ve ended up pulled over by the side of the road in the back seat holding her and crying. David got to witness it the last time and he was pretty wigged out too. I know she’s okay (intellectually) but holy Jesus, what do you do when your kid is so freaking miserable and you can’t do anything about it? I feel like I want to pull a Brittany Spears and drive around with her in my lap. Not really, but you know? She can’t hear or see me when she’s freaking out and it suuuuuuuucks. Ah, parenthood.

Our other lack of fun is some bad, bad sleep deprivation. She seems to have her days/nights reversed, and the more awake she is, the more upset she gets about gas and such. So there has been much screaming, and very little sleep. David usually takes pity on me around 11 or 12 and takes over, despite his own serious lack of sleep, but it’s been stressful for us both. She’s a total sweetheart during the day. Eats, hangs out, sleeps, poops. And then at night all hell breaks loose.

Okay, everyone has advice and it all sucks. I just talked to the nurse at the pediatrician and he had totally contradictory advice from other experts. Keep her awake during the day (except I read that just makes her more overstimulated and crotchety), feed her Pedialite for her last feeding so she doesn’t get too full (what?), and give her gripe water and mylicon. I might try that one. And all of this is based on his experience with his very large two week old, which would have nothing in common with my small six week old. Yeesh.

Seriously, I have no idea what will work. I started cluster feeding in the evenings in the beginning on the advice of another friend, and I think that’s actually contributing to the problem, since she may be over full. She’s eating more, more spaced apart during the rest of the day which seems easier on her tummy.

Anyways. Easter! We went to the Quimby’s and Lillian got to meet some more of her cousins, and get cuddled by lots of people. She screamed all the way there and back, but was nice and mellow during the event itself. She looked very cute in her little dress as well.

Lillian at Easter

Lillian at Easter

Lillian at Easter

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