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Still. Freaking. Pregnant

Yep, I’m still here. No squalling infant as of yet. I’m wicked tired of being pregnant. The blood flow issues make it really hard for me to sit in any position for very long, and sometimes even wake me up at night (not that I’m not waking up every hour or two anyway). I’m going to talk to my doctor about it tomorrow. I’m also totally going to let her do the dilation thing. Bring it on.

I’ve been drinking raspberry leaf tea, talking walks, anything I can come up with that might stimulate labor. I get really strong braxton-hicks contractions when I walk, but they subside when I sit down again. Walking is not comfortable, but then nothing is comfortable.

I feel somewhat isolationist these days. Most people have been really supportive, but I still get way too many comments along the lines of, “you have no idea how crazy it’s going to be after you have the baby” (yes, I know I don’t know since I don’t have one, thanks for that insight), and “you think you’re sleep deprived now…” (useful, as what I need is extra dread right now) and various creepy or frightening tidbits from their own or others’ birth stories (re: don’t need any more dread or anticipation, kthanxbye). If you know a very pregnant lady, please try to limit your comments to supportive and encouraging things unless they specifically ask. Trust me on this.

/end bitching

Anyway, I’m in that final phase of pregnancy where the desire to be not pregnant any more starts to far outweigh any fear of giving birth or anticipation of immanent parenthood. Adding to my stress, I’m pretty sure she’s facing the wrong direction (out instead of in) which does not bode well for easy labor. She did a rotaty thing a few weeks ago when I felt like she had dropped, and then she did it again a week ago. Now I’m afraid she doesn’t have enough room to spin around again and I’m in for back labor. Let’s hope not. Even that I’d welcome at this point, as I just want to be NOT PREGNANT really soon. Time to drink some more tea and take another walk.

2 comments to Still. Freaking. Pregnant

  • Chris

    Okay, I’ll say the same thing to you as I did on Tiffany’s blog. I hope this is the last post you make as well before you’re busy with other things. And, I’m seriously trying to resist the urge to insist on regular updates from both of you. Like a short email, text, etc. indicating your status. So, in the meantime, rest up, take care of yourself and feel free to lounge in your pajamas as long as you’d like. Take care!

  • I hope so too! You’ll get an email as soon as my kiddo arrives, I promise. Hopefully this week (please God).

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