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In which I am banned from Babies R Us

I’ve got a few items left I need (which never seem to be in stock) and up until yesterday I had some giftcard money left.

Until a few days ago I had not bought a single stitch of clothing for the baby. People have gotten us really cute stuff, and we had a good base of hand me downs to start with.

But that has all changed.

Now I can’t stay away from the Carter’s sale stuff every time I walk in the door. I realized I had tons of onesies and pajamas, but no dresses for the first few months, and it will soon be hotter than hell in Austin which means when she needs to look dressed, a dress should be nice and cool. (In reality, she’ll probably wear a tee shirt and diaper for most of the summer, it’s too dang hot for anyone to put much on.) So I was forced to buy this:

and these:

Holy crap, how cute are those? So cute. And then I saw a version of this:

But mine is blue with little anime-looking pandas, and a panda butt. Panda butt! Seriously, would you be able to resist panda butt? I think not. Five bucks! Plus these puppies are supposed to be awesome for the quick change, but look a little bit more dressed than a onesie. If they are as advertised, I will need more of them.

So I’m banned. Restricted. Not allowed in the door.

We’ll see how long that lasts.

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