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36 Weeks

Today I’m 36 weeks pregnant, and man can I feel it. I get tired out very easily. Other complaints continue to include wooziness, swollen hands and feet, carpal tunnel, numb fingers, and general had-enoughidness.

We took our baby care class last weekend. The first thing they showed was a video from the 80s on the effects of lack of attachment between infants and parents. It was creepy and depressing, and included footage of miserable unsocialized monkey babies and near catatonic children raised by depressed moms. Don’t ever watch it, especially when you’re pregnant. Sheesh. Other than that it was okay. We got to see a little bit of the Happiest Baby on the Block dvd which we actually have but haven’t watch yet. That dude is like the Baby Whisperer. Very worth the watch. They left out some stuff like info on all-in-one diapers – they only talked about cloth with diaper service which is as expensive as disposables. I think we’re going to start with disposables but try out some all in ones when she’s big enough.

We’ve got one more shower, at David’s work, on Monday and then we’ll need to pick up the few things we still need to get started. In the meantime I’m catching up with as many friends as possible before the baby happens and napping as much as possible in between.

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