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21 Weeks

We had our 21 week appointment on Friday. Sadly, no ultrasound. In fact no more ultrasounds until 32 weeks! Boo! I like peeking in at TMQ. We did get to hear her heartbeat, which was just fine. She’s wiggling, bouncing, turning, and various other movements now. I think she had hiccups the other night. That was REALLY weird. Very fast for a few minutes, and then it slowed down. Felt like a muscle spasm.

Loki used my stomach as a trampoline this morning when he was jumping off the bed. We were not pleased. Even an 18 pound dog can cause some pain when moving at 70mph. I think he woke her up, because she started kicking again right after that. Loki is in the proverbial doghouse.

Things seem to be going according to plan. I have intermittent round ligament pain, which is to be expected since she’s growing a lot.  I think the increased blood volume thing is happening. I get a major rush when I do yoga poses like downward dog now. Also some fun headaches – thank God for Tylenol. Still not really gaining weight, I keep putting on and losing the same 2 lbs, though I suspect that’s going to change some as she grows. My appetite is better, but not huge. I’m over most of the squeamishness, which is nice.

I’m feeling pretty large through the belly for only 5 months, but it’s not like I can do anything about that, since growing another 5 inches in height probably isn’t going to happen. Oh well.

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