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Decorating is coming together – though I haven’t actually touched anything in the room yet. We’ve picked the color for the walls and the two pieces of furniture we’re painting, and are waiting on carpet samples for the floor. The grandmas generously teamed up to buy me the coolest glider on the planet, which I got to pick a custom cover for (charcoal microfiber with big textured swirls). This is going to be one hip baby space. The walls are going to be a lavender-gray, and the carpet will probably be a combo of dark gray and purple (with possibly a little pink throw in – don’t tell David!). I am soliciting help for the furniture. I will have to sand, prime, and paint a large dresser and large bookcase. You will be compensated in cookies and undying gratitude.

I’m visiting IKEA on Monday with the Design Guru with plans to buy the crib, mattress, and possibly some bedding and frames. And that’s pretty much going to do it for furniture for the nursery, since we’re using a lot of existing stuff.

TMQ is not only wiggling a lot, but sometimes I suspect she’s remodeling . And she’s way too close to my bladder. That can be fun. All the sensation is still very low in my abdomen so far, though I guess my uterus has expanded up to my belly button by now. As of Thursday she was 12 ounces. I see my regular OB on Friday this week, she usually does an ultrasound, but I don’t know if I’ll get one this time since we had one at the perinatal doctor on Thursday. I hope so anyway. I need some good pictures!

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