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Personal Growth

Of my belly. I had a request from a friend for a picture of currently pregnant me. Just for reminders, this is me at just about 10 weeks:


This is me now at almost 17 weeks (pardon the bumpy zipper):


Yikes. And keep in mind I’ve lost about two pounds since that first picture. That belly is all Tiny Josephine and assorted structural changes. Hi! I’m going to be HUGE!

3 comments to Personal Growth

  • Thanks! Love the blog.

    I’ve heard that regular massage during pregnancy makes your life better. heehehe
    You look great. Hope to see you soon 😉

  • Wow! What a professional looking blog. Actually, you are the first blog I’ve ever read. Missed you in class last night, but might have been too vigorous for your pregnancy–some modern /belly dance combo where we went to the floor, rolled around, posed and came up with undulations. Anyway, I hope you make it back, the zill stuff I know you can do with us. Love, Z

  • Glad you like! I’ll try to make it to class next week. My coordination continues to suck, but I can do my best 🙂

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