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Much Better

Early September at ZilkerThe perinatal office called me this morning to let me know that the early amnio results are all good. Whew! That is some seriously stress-causing stuff, I tell you what. We should have final results late this week or early next, but all the major trisomy and sex chromosome stuff has been ruled out. Did I mention HUGE RELIEF? Cause, yeah.

They also confirmed the girlness. I will henceforth be referring to her as either Tiny Miss Quimby or Tiny Josephine (instead of Napoleon – get it?). The name is going to remain secret until she makes her debut, so don’t ask.

Now all I have to worry about is surviving another 5 months of pregnancy, getting the room together, getting all the stuff we need, and oh yeah – childbirth! I’ve heard it’s all easy and fun like ice cream and puppies, right? Right?

Other fun facts about my pregnancy so far. I’ve lost about two pounds since my first pre-natal appointment. Which means I’ve probably lost a few pounds more in body fat, since TJ is growing. I’d be worried, but she’s five ounces now which is a good size for 16 weeks. I’ll take it! Makes it easier to shop for clothes since they’ll probably fit all the way through.

Now the challenge is to NOT buy all the cute baby clothes I see and to start making a plan for the room, which needs new paint and carpet. And interviewing Doulas. And lots of other stuff.

3 comments to Much Better

  • Claire

    Whoo Hoo!!! I’ve been reading your blog and waiting for these results!! And a girl – she will be perfect. AND you LOST weight? You are the perfect little baby machine. Congratulations!



  • Thanks! We’re pretty excited.

  • Miss Rosemary

    Lovely bump, lady! I thought you were going to bear a little Napoleon… now it is Josephine? How exciting! Now I am really beginning to feel like an old spinster… love to you.

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