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I'm ready to sleep for a week.


Miss Tiny Quimby

I had my amnio appointment this afternoon. I was soooooo freaking stressed about it. First part, fill out tons of papers (with mostly the same information) covering information I already filled out for my OB. Computers, where art thou? Next part, talk to a geneticist about creepy stuff. Check. Then, an ultrasound. Then I meet Dr. Barry (who rocks and says I should eat smoked salmon if I want to) for another ultrasound and the sticking of a big needle in my belly. The current results: good looking girl-child! Woo! Normal size, good heartbeat. Cute little hands and nose. Pretty awesome.

The not fun part: waiting for the genetic test results which could be as early as tomorrow afternoon, more likely on Monday. Pray to the deity of your choice that all is well.

Next up, decorating!

1 comment to I'm ready to sleep for a week.

  • Chris

    Yeah for you, and yeah for little girls…how exciting (although a little boy would be equally exciting too)! I’m happy everything went well for you, and I have no doubt the remaining tests will be smooth sailing. You are going to be such a rocking Mom!

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